To detox or not detox

30 11 2008


‘Tis again the season of family gatherings, catching up with old time friends, festive celebrations, etc., etc.  And with the long vacation ahead of us, everyone is surely planning now where to go and dine, thinking of what food to prepare, etc., etc.   Before we get too involved in our preparations and indulge in our favorite foodstuff, maybe we can consider some detoxification programs to avoid toxin build-up.  Remember that anything in excess is not good.   Perhaps, detoxification twice a year will be a great relief to our system.  For some detox programs, you may refer to Cory Quirino’s Forever Young book.

For myself, I usually do liver/gallbladder flush (not advisable for beginners) with the following ingredients:  

1 pint of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

½ pint  of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Pineapple juice

     12 Noon – Stop eating all solid food

     6:30 PM – Stop drinking all fluids

     7:00 PM – Drink ¼ cup (4 tablespoonfuls) of olive oil.  Follow immediately with 1 or 2 tablespoonfuls of lemon juice.  Lie down and relax

     Repeat this every 15 minutes.  Sit up, swallow it and lie down again.  If possible, have someone else bring them to you.  Relax, read or watch television.

     Repeat the exact dosage every 15 minutes until you have finished all of the olive oil which is probably at around 10:00 or 10:30 PM.   If there is any lemon juice left, drink it all. 

     Remember, if you have terrible nausea or vomiting sensations, chase the olive oil with a small amount of pineapple juice, until you can resume taking the plain olive oil and lemon juice.  Try 20 minutes or 25 minutes between doses.

     Once finished, go to bed and lie on your right side.  This position speeds up the process of the olive oil entering the gall bladder to act as a lubricant.  This, along with the softening action of the lemon juice, will help to free the stones more easily and readily from the gallbladder

     You’ll probably wake up with an unmistakable urge to go to the toilet.  It may not happen.  For some, it doesn’t happen until 11:00 AM.  You may notice green objects and maybe greenish liquid excrement in the toilet bowl.  Those are small gallstones.  Some gallstones may be dissolved by the treatment.


Another option is the recipe of Hulda Clark.  Please note, however, that we should always consult our physicians first especially if we have some health concerns and problems.

 After the detox, you can now enjoy your food with less guilt.   Happy holidays!




Go Natural! Go for Mineral Make-up (MMU)

29 11 2008


Mineral make-up is gaining popularity these days.  Even the likes of Body Shop (one of my favorites, I’ve always been a “natural” fanatic) and L’oreal have joined the mineral cosmetics scene.  The use of minerals as cosmetics traces its origins to ancient civilizations.  Egyptians mixed powdered lead and sheep fat to make black kohl for their eyebrows and eyelashes, and used a bright green paste made from copper minerals for eye shadow.*  Cleopatra used crushed mica as her body shimmer. 

Since its introduction here in the Philippines in 2006, many, I supposed, had started to shift to using mineral make-up.  I, for one, had long been wanting to try it (not because I’m a make-up person. I still believe and usually go for the natural or no make-up look.) but since I usually make a little research first before making my purchase, and I hadn’t done it until recently, I hadn’t made any conversion yet.  I’m hoping to receive my package from the USPS Shipping Services soonest for my online purchase of Monave sampler kit so I can experience the benefits as claimed by the early converts.


Among the features of MMU include – no preservatives; free of talc, dye, perfume, synthetic fillers and parabens; the natural pigments blend easily on the skin and provide superior coverage; creates a more natural look, rejuvenates and hydrates skin; and you can sleep with it.

Suggested brands to try primarily due to availability of local distributors are Bare Escentuals, Luminare and Ellana.

 *Confessions of a Beauty Junkie by the Beauty Bar, Issue 1 2008

World AIDS Day – 1st December 2008

26 11 2008


HIV/AIDS has become a global epidemic for 27 years now.  According to Dr. Nora Volkow,  Director of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), “HIV/AIDS has now become a pandemic that has literally put the world at risk, affecting diverse populations in different ways”.   

NIDA has launched a public service campaign as part of its “Learn the Link” between drug abuse and HIV initiative. The campaign is designed to raise awareness among young adults of the real risks of drug use for transmitting HIV, and it encourages them to share this information with their peers to prevent the spread of this disease.

Researchers have studied and continue to study the links between drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.


In the Philippines, the Department of Health took the lead in establishing programs like the National AIDS STI Prevention and Control Program (NASPCP) in response to this emerging threat.  It was established that the two (2) highly vulnerable population groups are the Intravenous Drug Users (IDUs) and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). 

Drugs, whether intravenous or non-injection, can change the way the brain works, disrupting the parts of the brain that people use to weigh risks and benefits when making decisions, which can result in risky sexual behaviors and HIV infection.

Check out the links to the latest research findings and find out how you can help inform others about the connection between drug abuse and HIV/AIDS.

Badminton and Truffles?

23 11 2008

Since I don’t frequent Mega Mall, I decided to go there two (2) hours earlier than the scheduled “Mega Sizzle” of Classique Herbs.  I wanted to check out some new stores, etc.   Obviously, that was so short a time to do that but I knew that I’ll still be able to bring home something.  True enough…

An ongoing sports-related event/exhibit sponsored by Chris Sports at the ground floor of Building A caught my attention.  Sports equipment, gadgets, etc. were on display.  I was almost at the end of the display area when I saw badminton racquets with discount tags.  You guessed it… I got myself a Prince Os White (as suggested by the sales attendant who happens to be a badminton enthusiast, too) at half the price.  I don’t know anything about racquets but I’m quite sure that I will not go wrong with Prince.  I was told that Prince creates and develops new designs every six months.  How true?

Aside from the black/gray racquet bag and stringing service, there were no other freebies.  So I paid for the string and grips.  But the defective grips made me wait for soooo long.  They didn’t have other Prince grips so the sales attendant requested me to join her to their outlet (about 5-min. walk from the exhibit area) to choose another brand.   So all their Prince grips stocks were defective.  I was so disappointed.  How can that be?  Was it because they are China-made?  I was cursing China for that.  Now, we’re not sure of the quality of these branded stuff co’z they are made in China.  I just hope that my brand new, quite expensive racquet will “live” up to my expectations.

The “Mega Sizzle” concluded later than expected so I was worried co’z my plan earlier was to get the truffles that day while still on promo.  But I needed to return to Chris Sports for my racquet.  Since I availed of the free stringing service, I was advised to return and claim it after a while.  Rushing it will affect the quality of the stringing.


After I got my racquet, I wondered if I can still make it to Glorietta.  Then I thought, since Shangrila Mall is just in the vicinity, I (with a friend) decided to drop by Truffettes de France’s outlet there.  And I was lucky enough co’z just after I got off the escalator, at my right, there stood a few steps away Truffettes.  I looked right away for that similar sign of the promo sale. Yes!  Still!  “Two 500-gm, please.”  Then, I left with all smiles…

Chocolate Cake Tasting

22 11 2008

It seems like I’m into chocolate cake tasting these days.  Well, it was just coincidence.  Yeah, I had the Chocolate Magma Cake by Truffettes de France last Tuesday and the Tablea Cake by Tsoko.Nut at the tiangge (bazaar) yesterday.  I don’t know if it’s appropriate to compare these two, but let’s see… 


Magma by TdF

Tablea by Tsoko.Nut

Country of Origin France* Philippines
Chocolate Ingredient Original TdF truffles Tablea (cacao tablets)
Est. Dimension Height: 1 inch                        Diameter: 2 inches Height: 2 inches                      Diameter: 3 inches
Price PhP 160 PhP 90
Overall Appearance Good Good
Personal Rating (scale of 1 to 10, 10 = highest) 7.0 7.5
Remarks Lacking that truffles taste Better if the cake is a little moist and less sweet
* only the truffle ingredient but the cake is locally made

Love at First Bite with Truffettes de France III

21 11 2008

It’s Friday but I couldn’t afford to drop by Glorietta to purchase the truffles co’z I got some food stuff and a few other items from our company’s tiangge (bazaar).   My shopping bag was already heavy and full.   No more space for the truffles.   Even if there was, I will not take the risk.   I wanted Truffettes to reach our fridge “safe and sound”.  I still have tomorrow anyway.   I didn’t hear from the storekeeper so I can assume that the promo stocks are still available.   I hope…

Sequel to Love at First Bite with Truffettes de France

19 11 2008

I was a bit excited coz I knew I’ll pass by Truffettes’ kiosk again.  It’s becoming a regular thing – after our badminton session, we join our boss in his car and get off at Rustan’s Makati.  Since the kiosk is located just a few steps in the middle after you turn left from Rustan’s exit, you will not fail to notice it.   But earlier, I had made up my mind – I will not purchase or if I can’t really resist it, maybe just get myself a slice of cake (never ever tasted any TdF cake yet) co’z  I was thinking I only have about a month to wait for that very precious package, mmmmm…my truffles.

But there’s an ongoing promo which is sooooo tempting (for me)… Two 500-gm packs for only PhP999.  How can I resist that?  And there was the “devil’s advocate” (a male colleague) telling me to buy since I just received my bonus pay (I forgot, hahaha).  The regular price for the 500-gm pack is PhP740.  Think… think… think.  “No!  I think i will have a slice of cake, instead.  But will i go for the flourless chocolate wonder? Or the chocolate magma?”  Both have the original truffles as ingredient.  I finally settled for the magma for take home since I’ve already tried a number of flourless cakes.  I want something new.

It didn’t stop there, though.  I really can’t afford to pass up this rare chance (?).  So I gave my number and told the storekeeper to inform me when they are about to run out of stocks.  Then I could rush to this outlet and buy a kilo.   But I really don’t think I will wait for her call or text.  I want to buy soonest.  This Friday!  No sense in delaying.  In that case, I can afford to consume a pack or should I say, I gotta finish at least a pack before my free supplies arrive, otherwise our tiny fridge at home will have all chocolates in it (also have other chocolate brands and I need extra space for other stuff).

As for the magma cake, my verdict… oh well, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 as the highest, maybe 7.  I wouldn’t buy a second.  Of course, I couldn’t speak for the majority.  Still depends on your taste buds.  So be your own judge.  Find out! 

Truffettes de France Outlets:  2nd Level Glorietta 4, 2/F Main Mall – Mall of Asia, Level 2 Shangrila Plaza Mall