Love at First Bite with Truffettes de France

9 11 2008

Truffettes de France

I want Truffettes de France now!!!   That’s my status in my yahoo messenger for quite a while now.  But last week, I almost jumped with joy like a grade schooler with my eyes popping out when I saw that kiosk in Glorietta.  I wasn’t quite sure until I was already about five steps closer.  It was real, I was not dreaming.  It had been sitting there since March 2008 according to the storekeeper.  Why did I miss it?  It was a bit pricy but that didn’t stop me to get a pack.  But at least I managed to control myself (again) this time.  I just got myself a 10-pc pack (80 grams), but I assured the young lady that I will come back for more.  Bwahaha…

‘Twas in December 2003 when I had the first taste of these heavenly truffles from the county of Lille, France courtesy of Vicoy, my brother who is based in Canada.   Since then, Truffettes de France had become my favorite.


What makes these truffles so heavenly at least in my palate?  Is it the smoothness, the creaminess, the richness in flavor, the aroma, or the cocoa powder dust?  All of the above or should I say it’s “All rolled into One”…

They are super temperature-sensitive that they go with a cold ice-like pack then wrapped in an insulation bag when you purchase them.  They are to be kept in a cool, dry place.  I remember the last time my brother sent me a 1kg.-pack thru his landlord, it turned into a chocolate drink pack.  Yeah, before the truffles reached my excited hands and drooling mouth, they had melted.  I kept the pack in the fridge and to my wonder, the taste didn’t change, not a bit (for me), but I had to chop it (can’t slice as it hardened like a rock).

To enjoy these delicate truffles, the package says – place them at an ambient temperature of 19o to 20o one hour in advance and savour them in the height of their aroma and smoothness.  Well, I don’t follow that… I savour them straight out of the fridge.  It has always been like that.

I really had fallen in love with Truffettes de France.  Nothing can match the quality, at least for now… I had tried the Godiva (a very expensive Belgian brand) milk chocolate bar but not its truffles.  I told my brother that I will be contented even with the smallest pack of Godiva truffles but he told me it was around Php1,500 so he had second thoughts. He chose to purchase the milk chocolate bar, which for me tasted like the other ordinary choco bars.  As for its version of truffles, I don’t know… that remains to be tasted. Who knows?  I might switch…




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17 11 2008
a cup of tea and a story

Come on, Vic!!! Are you sure only around PhP500 for 2kgs.? Send me 2kgs. then, please, pleassssseeee! I really hope Rose will come. I wish she’ll have an extra space for my truffles… I would really ask for more… maybe 4 kgs for a year-supply?

You see, the 30-pc. pack is selling at PhP420 here…

17 11 2008
a cup of tea and a story

You mean Truffettes? Oh well, incomparable for me. Truffettes have this X-Factor. I can say that you’re tasting with your 5 senses. You’ll drool at the sight that you’ll want to grab at once. Then there’s the aroma in the cocoa dust, then the superlatively smooth texture as they slowly melt in your tongue.

I had tried several variants of Lindt including its truffles (Lindor) in milk, dark, white and dark chocolate peppermint which are also good. Remember, the perfectly rounded smooth balls in foil wraps you brought home together with Truffettes de France? But can’t really surpass Truffettes, sorry, Lindor… I’m a devoted Truffettes de France lover. Hahaha…

Good thing, they are already available here in Pinas, but of course a bit costly.

16 11 2008

How does Lindt chocolate compare with truffles? When I first had truffles, I told myself “Where in the world do these tasty treats come from?”…Eversince I always crave for these little sweet treats that literally melt in your hand. Too bad, truffles are not very common in tropical countries like the Philippines due to their sensitivity to heat. It’s truffles season here now. A 2kg-pack costs CAD$12 which is roughly PhP 500. Hopefully I can send you a pack through your friend when she comes home this December.

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