Go Natural! Go for Mineral Make-up (MMU)

29 11 2008


Mineral make-up is gaining popularity these days.  Even the likes of Body Shop (one of my favorites, I’ve always been a “natural” fanatic) and L’oreal have joined the mineral cosmetics scene.  The use of minerals as cosmetics traces its origins to ancient civilizations.  Egyptians mixed powdered lead and sheep fat to make black kohl for their eyebrows and eyelashes, and used a bright green paste made from copper minerals for eye shadow.*  Cleopatra used crushed mica as her body shimmer. 

Since its introduction here in the Philippines in 2006, many, I supposed, had started to shift to using mineral make-up.  I, for one, had long been wanting to try it (not because I’m a make-up person. I still believe and usually go for the natural or no make-up look.) but since I usually make a little research first before making my purchase, and I hadn’t done it until recently, I hadn’t made any conversion yet.  I’m hoping to receive my package from the USPS Shipping Services soonest for my online purchase of Monave sampler kit so I can experience the benefits as claimed by the early converts.


Among the features of MMU include – no preservatives; free of talc, dye, perfume, synthetic fillers and parabens; the natural pigments blend easily on the skin and provide superior coverage; creates a more natural look, rejuvenates and hydrates skin; and you can sleep with it.

Suggested brands to try primarily due to availability of local distributors are Bare Escentuals, Luminare and Ellana.

 *Confessions of a Beauty Junkie by the Beauty Bar, Issue 1 2008




3 responses

16 12 2008

Thanks. I liked your post very much. I am also for mineral cosmetics and greatly appreciate their quality. I advise all the girls and women to try mineral makeup even once. They will immediately see the difference.

30 11 2008
a cup of tea and a story

Hehehe, I thought your comment was about mineral makeup.

30 11 2008

I love your picture in the “ABOUT” tab…Post more pics…

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