To detox or not detox

30 11 2008


‘Tis again the season of family gatherings, catching up with old time friends, festive celebrations, etc., etc.  And with the long vacation ahead of us, everyone is surely planning now where to go and dine, thinking of what food to prepare, etc., etc.   Before we get too involved in our preparations and indulge in our favorite foodstuff, maybe we can consider some detoxification programs to avoid toxin build-up.  Remember that anything in excess is not good.   Perhaps, detoxification twice a year will be a great relief to our system.  For some detox programs, you may refer to Cory Quirino’s Forever Young book.

For myself, I usually do liver/gallbladder flush (not advisable for beginners) with the following ingredients:  

1 pint of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

½ pint  of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Pineapple juice

     12 Noon – Stop eating all solid food

     6:30 PM – Stop drinking all fluids

     7:00 PM – Drink ¼ cup (4 tablespoonfuls) of olive oil.  Follow immediately with 1 or 2 tablespoonfuls of lemon juice.  Lie down and relax

     Repeat this every 15 minutes.  Sit up, swallow it and lie down again.  If possible, have someone else bring them to you.  Relax, read or watch television.

     Repeat the exact dosage every 15 minutes until you have finished all of the olive oil which is probably at around 10:00 or 10:30 PM.   If there is any lemon juice left, drink it all. 

     Remember, if you have terrible nausea or vomiting sensations, chase the olive oil with a small amount of pineapple juice, until you can resume taking the plain olive oil and lemon juice.  Try 20 minutes or 25 minutes between doses.

     Once finished, go to bed and lie on your right side.  This position speeds up the process of the olive oil entering the gall bladder to act as a lubricant.  This, along with the softening action of the lemon juice, will help to free the stones more easily and readily from the gallbladder

     You’ll probably wake up with an unmistakable urge to go to the toilet.  It may not happen.  For some, it doesn’t happen until 11:00 AM.  You may notice green objects and maybe greenish liquid excrement in the toilet bowl.  Those are small gallstones.  Some gallstones may be dissolved by the treatment.


Another option is the recipe of Hulda Clark.  Please note, however, that we should always consult our physicians first especially if we have some health concerns and problems.

 After the detox, you can now enjoy your food with less guilt.   Happy holidays!






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