“National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day”

31 12 2008

I didn’t know there’s such a thing as “National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day”.  I just discovered it today thru a blogsite and guess what… it’s always on December 16th, my birthday. Wow!

Who invented the chocolate day, nobody knows.  According to  holidayinsights.com it must be a confectioner or a candy company.

Mark your calendars, chocoholics!  Now you’re aware… You can indulge your sweet tooth on this day of the year and no one should stop you….


Dec. 31- Last Day of Truffettes de France Promo

30 12 2008

I got a text this morning from Truffettes de France Glorietta 4 outlet informing me that the last day of its “Buy 2 500-gm packs for Php999” will be tomorrow, Dec. 31.

I texted back to say that this info should have been relayed to customers a little earlier.  I really want to purchase 2 more boxes coz my friend from Canada is not coming to Manila until next year so that means no truffles from my brother. 😦  But, I had to do some errands and had an appointment for a facial treatment.   I can’t afford to go to Makati at this time.  Besides, the traffic situation is worse.

I don’t know how long my remaning 1 1/3 boxes will last co’z I have other brands to indulge in in-between like Ritter Sport Dark Whole Hazelnuts, Hershey’s & More Creme Filling and Toblerone’s Dark Minis.  Yesterday, I got myself a Ferrero, Snickers Dark and a box of Marks and Spencer Cherry Liqueurs – dark chocolate with a whole cherry and brandy center.  Well, those who know that I love dark chocolates also know that I love chocolates with liquor.  No! I don’t drink… I just love the taste of liquor in my chocolate or cake, the bitter, the better. 

And this afternoon, I was looking at some variants of Lindt chocolates.  I wonder if the Lindor Truffles are locally available coz I also love Lindor.  I was thinking – after I had a taste of Royce’, I’ll purchase Lindt’s 70% Excellence Thins then.  Meantime, I got Meiji’s Chocolate Macadamia today as an addition.


A Moment to Relax

29 12 2008

The last three weeks had been so stressful for me (except on my birthday).   Glad it was over and yesterday was the last day.   Last night when I got home, I was already planning to have a little pampering at The Spa today. 

I woke up quite late and after checking out my wallet for The Spa’s contact card, I discovered that I have a birthday voucher from My Spa (another spa salon located here in Las Piñas City) for a free foot scrub or back massage and two free tokens from Bioessence for either a foot massage, back massage or hand spa, aside from the other treatment packages I previously purchased.  Looks like this week and January will be full of pampering and beauty sessions – things I think I truly deserve….

Doesn’t anyone who looks good feels good or even better?  A good start for 2009, right?

So after a little last-minute shopping for New Year’s gifts, I had a Swedish massage.  While still in my room, I can hear my tummy rumbling.  I was already starving, I can’t believe it.  At past 6 p.m.?  Quite early…

Was trying to figure out what to eat while still in the massage bed… I wanted Greek food but was also craving for Vietnamese.   Since I had a massage, I thought it would be wise to have a hot soup so I went to Pho Hoa and feasted on two of my favorites –  Pho Do Vien (seafood noodle soup) and  Cha Gio (fried rice paper roll with lettuce wrap).

By the way, I didn’t realize Pho Hoa has so many branches in the U.S. especially in California. 

Master’s Degree in MMU Application, anyone?

23 12 2008

I finally got my Monave stuff.   The notice for pick-up from the Makati Post Office arrived exactly one month after I placed my order online.  That was quite frustrating and discouraging… 

The shipment was taking forever so I ordered another brand, Ellana, a day or two before I received the notice.   I’m expecting delivery tomorrow.

The sample set contains  small pots of mineral foundation in 4 different shades and  6 small ziplocs of mineral powders, bronzer, body shimmer and shadow.  To maximize the shipping charges, I ordered two sample sets, a mini lipstick and a full-sized illuminizer.


Now, I need the help of a make-up pro.  Application is not as easy as it appears in the Tips and Tricks of every mineral make-up site I’ve visited.   I’m sure it’s not only about the necessary make-up tools, I need an actual demonstration. 

I got an invitation from Claude of Bare Beauty to attend the Mineral Make-up Weekend Year 2  last December 20 and 21 at the Greenmeadows Clubhouse.  Unfortunately, the venue was quite far from my place and I already had commitments so I missed it.  

I hope to hear another MMU event soon…  Too desperate to learn the tricks.

I gotta taste this Royce’ chocolate

23 12 2008


During my browsing, I chanced upon a few posts that made mention of this another outstanding foodie find which originated from Hokkaido, Japan.  One wrote that it is called the Rolls Royce of chocolates.  I wish I had read them first before I went to Hongkong last year and Singapore last October.  The good thing is… it’s now locally available according to one blog writer.  Royce’ flagship store, carrying almost the complete line of products including the Chocolate Dipped Potato Chip, located at the 3/F Power Plant Mall in Rockwell opened last December 6 . 

I was in Rockwell last week, on the same floor, with some colleagues for my birthday treat.  Had I known about Royce’ earlier, I would have gotten myself these little blocks of  Nama choco delights. 

 Will it replace my Truffettes de France? 

 Can hardly wait.  I’m coming there soon!

A Refreshing Start at The Spa

20 12 2008

Part of my birthday routine is pampering myself so I went to The Spa, a world-class spa amid the bustle of the Alabang Town Center.  I was thinking of using one of previously purchased massage coupons but upon checking out the site, I decided I would go for the Executive Refreshing Start Package. 

The Spa

The scent of peppermint was a soothing welcome.  Being Tuesday, the spa was  spared from  some crowd.  It felt like the whole place was all mine…  

As usual, I came in about an hour before my appointment to enjoy the wet amenities.  I started with a quick bath followed by dips in its contrast pools (jacuzzi and cold pool), then sauna, shower and steam.  

At the lounge, the hot ginger drink provided a warm sensation to my body while waiting to be escorted to my private massage room.  I realized I had a nap while in the massage bed.  After that soothing Swedish massage, I had another drink followed by the simultaneous face and foot rituals.  My only complaint was I didn’t go solo in that room.  The aromafacial involves facial massage movements that stimulate blood circulation and encourage cell renewal while the peppermint foot scrub consists of a refreshing foot bath and scrub ended with a gentle relaxing massage.  I left the place refreshed and full of bliss… 

Again, another great spoiling treat for the spa-holic me.

Celebrate Life!

18 12 2008

Last minute, I decided not to report for work.  I realized that I still have one remaining special leave credit for the year.  That’s one good thing about the company I worked with – we’re entitled to three (3) additional leave credits on top of the regular 30 days.  I was considering taking my day off next Monday for another long weekend but I’m really not used to going to work on my birthday.  So how was that?

I wanted to celebrate life.  Being single, part of my celebration on the day itself is having lunch or dinner with my parents as my siblings are far away.   One brother  is usually out of the country but occasionally his wife, with my nephews and niece, would join us depending on her availability.   My other brother, a pastor, with his family is based in Rizal while the youngest, with his wife, is based in Canada.  I’m not really into big celebrations with relatives but I do celebrate with friends on the weekend.

I was planning to bring my parents to TGIF at the Alabang Town Center (since they haven’t dined there yet) but before we left the house, I told them I wanted to dig in something Greek at the Café Mediterranean. 

Before we got in the café, I got hold of a flyer from Crustasia (one that I have not tried yet).  You guessed it right… 


Fickle minded me, I switched from Greek to Filipino-Asian.  I didn’t know until we got in and were seated that Crustasia is part of the Red Crab Group which I had tried a number of times.  Yes, Crustasia is in the exact location of the old Red Crab Restaurant at ATC but I didn’t have a hint. 

Too late to transfer and we were starving so… 

On the menu, my eyes landed first on the Live King Crabs.  Since we had tried Red Crab’s Szechuan last time, I opted for the Singaporean Chili Crab (hoping it is close to the authentic Singapore dish which I missed in my two travels)…

Singaporean Chili Crab

For our soup… the Vietnamese Sinigang, a must try (my father is very fond of sinigang). Quite different from the local sinigang for this version consists of slices of fish, shrimps and squid with bean sprouts, and pineapple chunks.  There’s a hint of lemon, I think.  


Then one of my mother’s favorites – Calamari but with Plum Sauce.  Our first choice, the Crispy Baby Squid, was not available at that time.

Calamari in Plum Sauce

Most of Red Crab’s selections are maintained in Crustasia.  Quite a range of Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese recipes are offered to render a truly Asian dining experience.

Second phase of Celebrate Life in the next post…