A Refreshing Start at The Spa

20 12 2008

Part of my birthday routine is pampering myself so I went to The Spa, a world-class spa amid the bustle of the Alabang Town Center.  I was thinking of using one of previously purchased massage coupons but upon checking out the site, I decided I would go for the Executive Refreshing Start Package. 

The Spa

The scent of peppermint was a soothing welcome.  Being Tuesday, the spa was  spared from  some crowd.  It felt like the whole place was all mine…  

As usual, I came in about an hour before my appointment to enjoy the wet amenities.  I started with a quick bath followed by dips in its contrast pools (jacuzzi and cold pool), then sauna, shower and steam.  

At the lounge, the hot ginger drink provided a warm sensation to my body while waiting to be escorted to my private massage room.  I realized I had a nap while in the massage bed.  After that soothing Swedish massage, I had another drink followed by the simultaneous face and foot rituals.  My only complaint was I didn’t go solo in that room.  The aromafacial involves facial massage movements that stimulate blood circulation and encourage cell renewal while the peppermint foot scrub consists of a refreshing foot bath and scrub ended with a gentle relaxing massage.  I left the place refreshed and full of bliss… 

Again, another great spoiling treat for the spa-holic me.




3 responses

9 10 2014

studied the information inside of this site a lot,
going to take the plunge soon enough and buy a steam shower cabin, most likely just after the holiday break

6 03 2010
a cup of tea and a story

Have you not tried it before? Well, it’s one of my instant de-stressers… Quite a spa-holic in here hehehe. Even the spa in Sonya’s (i just read your blog a few minutes ago), I tried it last January…

6 03 2010

inggit ako, andami mong The Spa experience! Ü

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