A Moment to Relax

29 12 2008

The last three weeks had been so stressful for me (except on my birthday).   Glad it was over and yesterday was the last day.   Last night when I got home, I was already planning to have a little pampering at The Spa today. 

I woke up quite late and after checking out my wallet for The Spa’s contact card, I discovered that I have a birthday voucher from My Spa (another spa salon located here in Las Piñas City) for a free foot scrub or back massage and two free tokens from Bioessence for either a foot massage, back massage or hand spa, aside from the other treatment packages I previously purchased.  Looks like this week and January will be full of pampering and beauty sessions – things I think I truly deserve….

Doesn’t anyone who looks good feels good or even better?  A good start for 2009, right?

So after a little last-minute shopping for New Year’s gifts, I had a Swedish massage.  While still in my room, I can hear my tummy rumbling.  I was already starving, I can’t believe it.  At past 6 p.m.?  Quite early…

Was trying to figure out what to eat while still in the massage bed… I wanted Greek food but was also craving for Vietnamese.   Since I had a massage, I thought it would be wise to have a hot soup so I went to Pho Hoa and feasted on two of my favorites –  Pho Do Vien (seafood noodle soup) and  Cha Gio (fried rice paper roll with lettuce wrap).

By the way, I didn’t realize Pho Hoa has so many branches in the U.S. especially in California. 




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