Truffettes de France Promo

29 01 2009

Good news to all TdF lovers.  I just got a text message from TdF Glorietta 4 outlet informing me of the latest promo.  So when you purchase 2 packs of 250g, you will get 1 free pack.  Available in Cappuccino, Original with cocoa beans or Champagne.

TdF Logo

Go grab them now while supply lasts….  Remember though that a serving of the original variant or 5 truffles is equivalent to 245 calories (171 calories from fat), 19g of fat (15g saturated), 18g of carbohydrates (18g sugar), 26mg of sodium, and 2g of protein.


Yahoo! I’m Not Going Alone…

22 01 2009

I texted Marco, the groom, this morning to ask if I can bring my mom along.  I told him my concerns especially on my trip back to Manila after the reception which is already nighttime.  Well, I was thinking… he knows my parents more than me so maybe it’ll be ok to ask.  My brother (who is Marco’s friend) agreed.   After a few minutes he responded with a yes and wished us a safe trip. 

Thanks Marco.  Wink, wink!

Tagaytay Here I Come

21 01 2009

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I haven’t seen Tagaytay after our Nurture Spa experience three years ago.   I and my friends were planning to come back to Tagaytay the following year for another breathtaking experience but this time at  Sonya’s Garden.  Unfortunately, it didn’t materialize due to conflict of schedules. 

This Friday’s wedding will enable me to see Tagaytay again (one of my dream locations for a vacation house) and hopefully will be able to relax a bit.  I’m going alone since the invitation stated that I got one reserved seat.  I’m a little nervous as of this writing coz it will be my first time to drive down south via the SLEX.  I’ve always been ”just a passenger” until two years ago when I learned how to drive.  So, I’ve been asking friends for directions and landmarks to get there in the most convenient way.  The wedding was set at 2 p.m. so I’m planning to leave my house at around 9 a.m. to give me ample time to go to Bag of Beans, Gourmet’s Cafe and Ilog Maria.

The Wedding Singer

19 01 2009


This is not about the movie.   Not at all!   You see, I’ll be attending the wedding of one of my brother’s groomsmen in Tagaytay this Friday.   And while I was on my way home this evening, I got a surprise text from the groom himself requesting me to sing at his wedding.  Come on, I never sang solo in public (singing on a videoke does not count).   Because I sing in the church choir, he probably thought that I’m really a singer, hahaha.  How I wish!

I don’t know, but I never had the courage to sing in public unlike my father.  I remember when I was a kid, he would always volunteer me to sing in programs, etc.  but I never sang.  Even in videoke sessions, either with my friends or family, whenever I sing solo, my voice just doesn’t come out fully and perfectly. 

So, sorry brother!  I just can’t accept your request… I wish I could! 

… and the Bird Flew Under the Bush

17 01 2009

“Napisa na!” (Finally hatched!), said my father excitedly.  I wondered what this was all about so I asked my parents while they were still engrossed in conversation.  So a nest was found in a shrub at the side of our house.  This was not the first time.  I remember sometime ago in our old house, my mother noticed that a different bird specie (The Philippine mayas are regulars in our yard) was frequenting our frontage.  Then one time when she decided to trim some of her plants, she discovered that there was a nest in one of the shrubs near the house front door. 

Bird's Nest

Now the same bird specie built a nest in a two-layered shrub at the side of the house. So excitedly I got my point-and-shoot camera to get a few shots.  I know this is intrusion of privacy, or trespassing.  I didn’t mean to cause any harm.  I just want to be a witness to something rare and beautiful.  Isn’t it beautiful? 

As I draw nearer, the head of the mother bird sitting on the nest came in sight.  This excited me more but after a few seconds, she flew out and stayed in our roof but after a while left the area. 

I waited for her return… After 15 minutes or so, she came in sight again but not getting any closer.  She knew and felt that I was in the vicinity.  I couldn’t afford to deprive the young birds so I finally decided to leave the area after taking some photos and get in the house.  I just contented myself with watching from inside, peeking thru the window in our living room. 

And so the reunion of the mother and the young.

Catching-Ups and Indulgence at Mr. Rockefeller

17 01 2009


“Table for two, please!”  I made a reservation this time.  As expected, gig venues are crowded on a Friday.

I and Lea were already starving so we decided to proceed to Mr. Rockefeller as soon as we got in Greenbelt.  We thought we can stroll and shop afterwards.

I had downloaded the menu earlier so I already knew in advance what to order.  Reviews about the resto also guided me to have the best offerings.  We didn’t try any oyster dish the first time we dined here mid last year so I thought I wouldn’t let this evening pass by without tasting one of its more than 20 “spanking good” oyster selections.  We initially ordered the most recommended (at least in the reviews I read) Boursin Oysters which is topped with melted French fragrant cheese, but since I haven’t tried blue cheese in my entire life (due to a previous negative shared experience of one of our professors), we opted to shift to Oysters Bleu.  We requested that it be served as part of the main course.  Instead of soup, for our starter we had Martha’s Caesar Salad which is made of oyster tempura, shrimps, red and yellow pepper, croutons, bacon-like bits (sans the smoky smell) with a different version of Caesar dressing tossed over lettuce.  The serving can satisfy 2 or 3 pax.  I can say that Rockefeller offers good portions with pretty reasonable pricing. 

Martha's Caesar Salad

As entrée, I wanted Lea to try Mrs. Rockefeller’s a la Oglio pasta which, for me, is healthy with its capers, olives, anchovies and oil.   

Mrs. Rockefeller a la Oglio


Between the bestsellers Boneless Bourbon Ribs and Alaskan Sole Fillet, we agreed to have the latter for a healthier option which is pan-fried white fish with creamy lemon pepper sauce.  The server missed to inform us that the fish comes with garlic noodles flambed in whiskey (according to a write-up) but it tasted quite oriental to me.    


Sole Fish Fillet

The two dishes were served simultaneously so we were sort of wondering with “hey! where’s the oyster?” 

Oysters Bleu

Oyster Bleu followed right away and so after having some fish and the matching noodles, I finally tried my luck with the blue cheese and cream generously topped over the oyster with a half slice of grape.  Delicioso!  We liked it.  I wondered at that moment how the other oyster dishes fare.  So blue cheese is not bad tasting at all.  Why did I not try it earlier in my life?  I realized I had missed a number of blue cheese experiences.  Haha!  Anyway, we ended so full with all the carbs.  But of course, we were not able to finish them all.

To end the night after a little strolling and shopping, we headed toward Glorietta 5 for some coffee or tea.  Before we enter the place, we inquired if there are coffee shops already opened.  The security officer told us there was none in the area yet so we proceeded to Bo’s Coffee in Glorietta 4.  We ordered Cappuccino for Lea and Caffe Mocha for me with chocolate chip and a slice of chocolate mousse cake for sharing.  

It was a great night of catching-up with a friend and of course another satisfying dining experience…. 

Till next time!

Balut? Eww!

13 01 2009

“If they came and offered me the $50,000 right now to just eat one more, there is no way I would do it again,” said one contestant after downing two of these suckers. “There is no way.”  (Tales of Fear)

I wish I could get the same offer.  I would not back out.  But it’s impossible for balut (fertilized duck egg with partially developed duckling inside) is so native to the Philippines and to other Asian countries like China, Cambodia and Vietnam.   I’ve learned to eat balut when I was still a kid.  My father, I remember, would buy two for him and my mother, but I would always request from my father the yellow part which is I think the egg yolk (?) while he takes the duckling.  One day, out of curiosity, I asked my father if I could have a taste of the duckling itself so he instructed me to either close my eyes or not to stare too closely (I might be discouraged to eat) while I put the whole thing in my mouth.  I realized that it was really “yummy”…


 So earlier before I went home, I got myself a balut.  This particular vendor already knows my preference – balut sa puti (wrapped in white) which is about 17 days old egg or younger.  For me this is the best age of the balut for you can enjoy both the yolk and the duckling sans hair and bones.

Not only it is high in protein, it is also popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac. Most often eaten warm with a pinch of salt, though some balut-eaters prefer chili and vinegar. The broth surrounding the embryo is sipped from the egg before the shell is peeled and the yolk and duckling inside can be eaten.   Here’s a more detailed way to eat a balut from Ubersite:

1. Take a freshly boiled balut in one hand.

2. Make sure you have the “flat” bottom of the balut facing you and tap it lightly on any hard surface until you see hairline crack form on its surface.

3. Remove bits of shell until you have a cavity the size of a penny.

4. Inside the cavity you will find a paper-thin film of white tissue. Remove this.

5. Drop in a pinch of rock salt, place the opening to your lips, tip your head back and slurp up the broth.  Delicious.

6. Widen the cavity by removing more bits of shell until you have enough exposed to be able to bite off a sizeable chunk of the balut. Don’t forget to sprinkle more rock salt.

7. Go on eating until you get to the bato (rock) or the hard white portion. Discard.

8. When you get to the bottom, there will be a little more broth left over. Drop in a small pinch of salt and drink up.

Balut is used to be sold only at night by street vendors.  Now, you can have it anytime you want as it’s available in the malls’ foodcourts and some Filipino restos such as Ebun in Greenbelt 3.