What? Third-Hand Smoke?

7 01 2009


This posting was triggered by a material I stumbled upon while on the New York Times site.   While we know that second-hand smoke is bad, there’s another which is not yet known by many – the third-hand smoke. This invisible mixture of gases and particles that cling to the smokers’ hair and clothings and to the room’s carpets and furnishings where a smoker smoked contains compounds that are highly carcinogenic.  Now I can justify my usual negative reaction whenever I smell third-hand smoke in the elevator or service vehicle.  For me, the smell of cigarette smoke on someone else’s hair or clothing is as annoying as the second-hand smoke itself.  Pardon me, but non-smokers like me are just sensitive to the smell.  It was recently discovered that this so-called third-hand smoke equally poses risks to the health of children.  The study was published in this month’s issue of the journal Pediatrics. 

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