Philippine Holidays for 2009

8 01 2009

With the release of Proclamation No. 1699 which sets the regular and special holidays for 2009, everyone can make early travel and vacation plans.  This year, the country will enjoy 10 long weekends, so how’s that? 


Following are the regular holidays for the year:

April 6 (Monday, in lieu of April 9) – Araw ng Kagitingan

April 9 – Maundy Thursday

April 10 – Good Friday

May 1 (Friday) – Labor Day

June 12 (Friday) – Independence Day

August 31 (Monday) – National Heroes Day

November 30 (Monday) – Bonifacio Day

December 25 (Friday) – Christmas Day

December 30 (Wednesday) – Rizal Day


While the special (non-working) holidays shall fall on the following dates:

August 21 (Friday) – Ninoy Aquino Day

November 1 (Sunday) – All Saints Day

November 2 (Monday) – Additional (Non-Working) Day

December 24 (Thursday) – Additional (Non-Working) Day

December 31 (Thursday) – New Year’s Eve




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