Get the Taste of Mediterranean at CYMA

10 01 2009

I’ve learned that Mediterranean is divided into three culinary regions: North African (especially Morocco), eastern Mediterranean (Egypt, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey), and southern European (Italy, France and Spain). 

According to food writer Elinoar Moore, Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world.  Vegetables are preferred over meat and herbs over artificial flavorings.  A typical meal usually consists of warm pita, a dish of fresh herbs, feta or yogurt cheese, olives, etc., some dips and salads.  You may also find kebabs or souvlakis (small pieces of meat grilled on skewer).  

My first visit to Cyma Estiatorio was in 2005 (?).   I barely remember what I and my friend had at that time but it was a great dining experience, that was sure.  Last year, I and two friends planned on visiting the place but we were surprised to find out that it was closed for renovation.   

I didn’t take time to find out whether it was already reopened.  But last night on my way to pick up my reserved books at National Bookstore Greenbelt, I was happy to see that it’s now open.  I was considering booking in advance but since no signs of the crowd yet at past 6 p.m., I thought maybe getting a table for two later will not be too difficult so I dismissed the idea.  I and my friend met up quite late so when we proceeded to Cyma at around 8:15 p.m., it was already full.  I so wanted to indulge in Greek since December so despite the long queue (we were 6th in the waiting list), we waited.  It took us 30 minutes or so to get a table inside.  

For our orektika (appetizer), we had the must-try Spinach and Artichoke Fondue.  Healthy as it seemed, this is a blend of melting cheese, sliced sun-dried tomatoes and feta served with warm pita triangles and grilled garlic bread.  The serving is quite big for two persons as a starter (but of course, it depends on one’s appetite hehehe). 

Spinach and artichoke fondue

Since I love gyros, I thought we should try its own version of Chicken Gyro, one of Cyma’s best, as part of our main course, but it was no longer available at the moment.  Must really be a favorite of many so we ordered the Mixed Meat Gyro instead which is made of marinated pork and beef with tomatoes, red onions, tzatziki (condiment made from yogurt, cucumber and garlic) and wrapped in quite thick pita.  A hot sauce is provided for the more adventurous type.  This is a complete meal for me as it comes in big portion.  If you want to try and enjoy other selections, I will not suggest you to have gyro since it can’t be shared.  Couldn’t imagine how to do it….

Mixed meat gyro

At the doorstep of Cyma earlier, our attention was caught by a raised plate of red sauced pasta coming out of the door ready to be served for some customers outside. My friend said, “Let’s order that, too!”  Ok! So we placed an order for Pastisado or Greek Osso Bucco which is beef shank braised in Greek tomato sauce and served over spaghetti.  But no! Not again…. It was not available.  The last order was already out.  Since we both love shrimps, we decided to go for the Garides Mi Feta Spaghetti which consisted of  oven-roasted shrimps and tomatoes, feta cheese, parsley and spaghetti served with parmesan cheese.  By the way, most dishes are served in Solo, To Share and Family portions.  We never thought that the solo pasta we ordered will be too much for the two of us. 

Garides mi feta

You can find Cyma Estiatorio  in G/F Greenbelt 2 – Makati, Level 6 – Shangrila Mall, Level 4 – Trinoma Mall and Eastwood Mall both in Quezon City. 




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