Bag of Beans: Not Just for Coffee Lovers

2 02 2009

It took us about 1 1/2 hours to reach Tagaytay via Sta. Rosa, just in time for lunch.  I was considering either Josephine’s (the last time I dined there was during my MBA days, 13 years ago to be exact) or Leslie’s (haven’t tried it yet).  But mother wanted a simple lunch as we were heading to a wedding a little later.  Ok, let me think….

Bag of Beans

We still had an ample time to drop by Bag of Beans, so there we went first.  I was planning to just purchase some freshly baked goodies at the coffee shop but when we checked out the dining area a few steps down the left wing, my curiosity began.  I liked the ambience so I asked mother if we can take a look at their menu.

Dining Areas

After a quick rundown, no more dilly-dallies.  I ordered the must-try steak and mushroom pie for our starter.  Haha, what?  A pie for a starter? Why not?  I couldn’t wait till we get home to have a bite of this famous pie.  I wanted to taste it right there and then, while it was still warm.  When it was served, I didn’t realize it was that big.  Yeah, quite big for me.  Time to judge it…. It was not that outstanding to me.  The beef filling had a hint of a sour taste.  I couldn’t figure what made it taste a little sour.  Must be the mushroom?  Shouldn’t the steak be a little salty and sweet?

Steak and Mushroom Pie

Anyway, the puttanesca and the pan-broiled mahi-mahi were served simultaneously as our main course.

Puttanesca, Mahi-mahi, Cheesecake

The pasta was good for sharing while the fish dish was good enough for one person only, but we decided to share, anyway.  Both passed for a satisfactory rating.  The blueberry cheesecake, for our dessert, had a frozen ice cream-like texture.  I can say that this version of cheesecake was a little more than good enough for its price.

Back at the coffee shop, I bought two loaves of raisin bread and a box of cinnamon roll for pasalubong (small gift item from travel) and a souvenir mug for myself.

On the overall, Bag of Beans is also another good option for dining in the Tagaytay area.  It’s not just for the coffee lovers.




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