The Neophyte Driving Down to Tagaytay

3 02 2009

Getting to Tagaytay

Like any novice driver (I assumed), I was quite nervous as I drove down to Tagaytay via the SLEX.  With my mother beside me, I tried to keep my composure until we reached the Sta. Rosa exit.  I knew that once I get to this particular landmark, our journey would be less stressful.  True enough!  Aside from a few “asking for directions from the locals” (actually they were more of just confirming if we were on the right track), everything went quite smoothly.

My anxiety started when we left Splendido in a convoy a little before 8 p.m. for the trip back to Manila.  I didn’t know that the leading car was not aware that I was part of the convoy until I saw him two days later.  I told him I was driving the second vehicle, the first was a Nissan Urvan.  It was foggy that night, with no streetlights.  He was driving so fast that I can hardly catch up as I was not familiar with the curves and my car was not equipped with fog lights.  How fast we were running that time, I didn’t know as my speedometer was starting to fail to work.   I was stressed out even more when my mother told me that she can no longer see the road due to the fog.  “Mother, please, if you can just remain silent”, I told myself.  My original plan was to join a convoy who’ll drive back via the Aguinaldo Highway but they were still waiting for the other vehicle/s so I decided to join the other two vehicles who went ahead.  I realized they were taking the route via Sta. Rosa when we reached Rotunda.  There was no turning back unless I was willing to drive alone that night and take the other route.    

Upon reaching the Sta. Rosa exit, my anxiety grew even more.  I remember what my other friend who resides in Liliw, Laguna shared with me.  She would usually ask somebody to drive for her when going to a far and unfamiliar place or would try to leave Liliw earlier to escape from the traffic and be able to manage the road construction along the SLEX with ease.  At that time, I had to be more vigilant especially when it began to drizzle.  The traffic was slow moving so still manageable until we get to the Mamplasan Exit when the traffic was gone. But there was a heavy downpour when we were nearing Susana Heights.  This went on up to Las Piñas so I tried my best to be as cautious and alert as possible till we reach our village, then I heard myself sigh with so much relief.  I really thanked God for that safe journey.




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