Part I – A Case of Hypochondria and Taking Care of Oneself

7 02 2009

A day before the Chinese New Year, I had this terrible headache just after lunch that started from the top of my head and radiated to the anterior and posterior of my head within a minute or two.  Then I felt the pain going down the inside of my throat.  I knew that was something.  I remember a former colleague who died of stroke due to aneurysm back in October last year.  The symptoms were severe headache and nausea.  I never felt that way before so I decided to call up Jaja, a friend who is a doctor.  She asked a few questions like if I heard something in my head and if I have some drug allergies.  Since I didn’t hear anything, she was quite sure it wasn’t that serious like the case of stroke or something.  As I hung up of the phone to get some pain reliever per her advice, I was bothered by this throbbing pain in my chest area – the middle bone between my breasts and middle back as I took some steps towards the room.  I rang her again to inform her of the progressing throbbing pain.  She instructed me to take mefenamic acid and then to rest.  I was told that if the pain didn’t subside, I can ask my family members to bring me to the hospital.

I decided to be brought to the hospital without any hesitation.  I was sure it was no ordinary headache.  It was something else.  While we were on our way, I was having thoughts of upcoming death, etc.  “Oh, God! Not yet please!”

At the ER, the possibility of me having stroke was dismissed after they took my vital signs which were all normal except for my BP which was a little elevated at 130/80 (my average is 120/80) and after passing the physical examination for stroke patients.  But the pain didn’t go, even after I took another oral pain reliever after about 30 minutes upon arrival at the hospital so I thought telling the attending doctor that I was previously diagnosed of cervical spondylosis (which I got from my wrong posture at work.  I usually stoop due to the incorrect height of my desktop monitor) would help.  True enough!  It was initially established thru my cervical X-rays  that the pains were due to the straightening of my neck spine due to muscle spasm.  I was given a sublingual pain reliever and muscle relaxant after another  hour and the IV pain reliever after 3 hours but the pains were still there so I decided to be admitted for a day just so that everything will be monitored.  That was my first confinement in my entire life, just a day before the Chinese New Year.

When my rehab doctor came after lunch the following day, I asked if I can undergo a CT scan.  She said “yes” just so that I can have some peace of mind.  To be continued….  




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2 02 2012

Hello, I also experience this illness.. Last December 1, 2011 pa masakit yung ulo ko, tapos na ko sa lahat ng major test, MRI, MRA of the neck, cervical spine xray, blood test and now I undergo Rehab (6 sessions) but until now pasumpong sumpong parin yung headache ko especially sa lower right,,

I just want to know, anong ginawa mo para mawala yung muscle spasm mo?
Need help kc super paranoid na ko sa nangraramdaman ko.. :((


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