Part II – CT Scan

7 02 2009

During my two-day confinement, the pains subsided but didn’t disappear, and kept on throbbing every so often even with my medications.  The morning before I was discharged from the hospital, I went through a CT scan to rule out the cause of this extraordinary headache.

CT scan

The Philips-branded machine was similar to this...

I was brought down the CT Scan Department in a wheel chair.  I was hesitant at first about the wheel chair.  Honestly, I can just walk down.  The student doctor ( I assumed) wondered why I was alone, I told her that my mother remained in the room with our things as I was scheduled to be discharged and convinced her that I was ok.  I was nervous, of course.  We’re talking about brain examination here, so any normal person would feel the same.  I thought, it wouldn’t take that long, so relax…. What is 5 minutes?  Then it was over.

When my rehab doctor explained the result to me, I was shocked.  Unbelievable!  I just uttered in disbelief, with a smile on my face, “Kelan?” (When?)  The result read “Probable old…”  Well, she suggested that I undergo an MRI to confirm.  According to her, the CT scan shows if there’s bleeding.  In my case, there was none.  She also said that I’m still young and during my confinement, my BP results were ok, so this can still be overruled.  When I consulted my doctor friend, she said that it might just be an artifact although she didn’t dismiss the possibility. 

I presented the result to our company’s resident doctor and she was not bothered that much but she referred me to a neurologist who happens to be the same doctor who handled that former colleague of mine who was gone now.

Upon seeing the neurologist 4 days after my confinement, she explained that the CT scan performed on me was inaccurate.  Initially, she said it looked like just an artifact to her but after a thorough review of the images, she realized that my head was not perfectly aligned.  According to her, my head was not straight but a little tilted so that image that appeared in my right occipital lobe was supposed to be still a part of the previous slice of my brain.  I was quite convinced with that as she showed the misalignment of my head.  She expressed her disappointment with the people conducting these tests with such inaccuracies.  So false alarm!  But since my headache didn’t disappear up to the 6th day, she advised that I undergo an MRI/MRA for possible aneurysm case.  To be continued… 




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