8 02 2009

Prior to my appointed schedule for MRI/MRA, I was able to speak with some friends who had undergone the same.  I also recalled what a former male colleague shared about his experience so I already had an idea.

Four days after my visit to a neurologist, I left my office at around 3 p.m. to go to Makati Med for the test.  At that time, I was much more nervous that when I had the CT scan.  Melancholy crept into my system. 

As I came closer to the MRI reception area, I tried to overcome the anxiety that was increasingly building.  “This is it!”, I told myself before I entered the room.  After changing into a robe, a doctor conducted a short interview on me.

The MRI machine was similar to this...

The MRI machine was similar to this...

I was asked to lie down at once in that tiny bed space as I entered the MRI  room, no more introduction or orientation, whatsoever.  “So this is just about 30 minutes?”, I asked the male medical staff.  I was instructed to avoid any movement.  With a headset and that “thing” to press in case of discomfort (I will call it the alarm), my tiny bed was pushed in.  I had no idea how it looked like under that tunnel because I had already closed my eyes after I got hold of the alarm.  The clanking drill-like sound started but no music yet.  There was just a delay, I thought.  I started to sing a church hymn and then said my prayer.  This went through until I heard a voice in my headset.  I was startled that I suddenly opened my eyes.  That moment, I realized a glass surface was just about 3 or 4 inches away from my face.  It didn’t take long.  I closed my eyes again and resumed with my prayers until it was over.  As I got up, I confronted the medical staff for the absence of music.  That was the only consolation they can offer under such depressing situation.  That was such disappointing for a well-known and trusted hospital.  In the past years, the music is no longer working according to the staff.  I was dismayed even more when he suggested that I bring an MP3 player next time.  I told him I had an Ipod with me, had I known earlier, I could have brought it with me (but of course I was aware that metals are not allowed).  And of course I wouldn’t want to be inside that machine again.  No more next time, I hope.  Do these people realize how torturing it is to be inside that medical equipment? and much more without the music?  On the good side, I had the chance to concentrate in my hymn singing and prayers.  That was far more important in such moments. 

When I got the result on Friday afternoon, I was misty-eyed.  I was so happy to read that there was no mass, hematoma, dilation of vessels and aneurysm noted.  But it was confirmed… I have a migraine.  Everything was confirmed by my neurologist.  She told me that I’m safe for the next 10 years with my excellent BP.  I should watch, however, for the migraine-triggers and avoid them.  I didn’t know I had a migraine.  I thought it was plain headache that I was experiencing until that severe and extraodinary headache occured that Sunday afternoon.  Nevertheless, I really thank God for everything….




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