Big Things Come in Small Packages

10 02 2009

Last Friday, I got the small package (smaller than a shoebox) that my brother sent me thru a friend. Guess what it was. Right! Every handcarried package will not be complete without Truffettes de France and some food supplements.  Now, I got a 1-kg. box of TdF in addition to my 500-gm pack that has been sitting in the fridge for a month now.  I didn’t want to open the existing pack until I got another.  I just ignored the notice I received from Glorietta 4 outlet about the ongoing promo coz my brother had already informed me earlier that he’s sending a pack soon. 

Truffettes de France

I was expecting they melted and turned runny while in transit like the last time but thanks to Weng co’z only the cocoa dusts did melt.  They were stuck together, though, so I had to use a fork or knife to separate them.  I still enjoy the truffles even without the cocoa dusts.  I’m telling you guys, if you’re on a diet, don’t dare taste this yummy delights co’z you will only get into trouble, unless you have enough self-control hahaha….




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