Indulgence in Durian, The Beauty Food

6 03 2009

Durian Stall

During our Davao trip last week, we managed to indulge a bit in durian at the Magsaysay Park.   We were able to catch the truck still unloading durians in one of the stalls.   Funny co’z I asked if they have disposable plastic gloves, there was none.  Just asking… co’z we really planned to eat right then and there.   There was a sink installed inside, that was enough to get us going.   We didn’t finish the whole 2.2 kgs due to our limited time.  One section was left untouched for take home together with two more pieces weighing a total of 4.2kgs which were opened, yielding three microwavable containers of luscious and delicious pasalubongs (small gift items from travel).  Honestly, only one container was intended for pasalubong, the other two were for my (and my parents) consumption. 

But on our way to the airport, I realized I needed one more container for a friend.  I was lucky though co’z the fruit store near the airport sells frozen durian (Graceland brand), with the seed individually wrapped.  Although I prefer the freshly opened fruit for take home, I took the risk co’z  I didn’t want to give up my share.  At home though, I decided to keep the frozen for my smoothie so the fresh went to my special friend.  Tried the frozen, it was good, too, so to those who don’t have time to purchase fresh durian from the Magsaysay Park you can drop by Penmar Fruit Galore along Lanang Road just before the last stoplight before the airport.

Eating durian is admittedly an acquired taste, though.  But what if I tell you that it’s not only the “King of Fruits” but a beauty food as well, would you muster up courage to try it?  Yes, just learned the fact yesterday while browsing the net.  Now, there are more reasons to eat this amazing fear-factor fruit aside from it is highly nutritious and complete with protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and vitamins. It may taste garlicky to some but this is due to its high content of sulphur, a beauty mineral*.  It is also alkalizing to the body, which is another amazing benefit, and said to be an aphrodisiac, too.

Durian Pulp

Here are a few tips to the durian fruit lovers – Use the husk as a cup and mix with water and drink to remove any lingering odor.  Remove odor from hands and fingers by rinsing under the water with the husk.

For those who would like to start to try durian, you can go for durian candies (Lola Abon’s is the best brand), tart, hopia and cookies. 

Durian candies, etc.

*Sulphur plays a role in the production of collagen, a protein that helps keep skin elastic and healthy.




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