What’s in Leonidas Chocolates?

28 03 2009

Ganache rum and Cerise emballee fondant

Leonidas is priced by the gram.  When the lady in the Glorietta 3 kiosk informed me that a kilo of this chocolate costs around Php4,000.00, I almost choked but, of course, I didn’t show it.  I had to shell out Php83 for a piece, approximately weighing 20 grams.  There must really be something in this chocolate that I got to taste.  Since I love dark chocolates and the liqueur-filled, I got myself the cerise emballee fondant (dark chocolate with a whole morello cherry) and ganache rum (dark chocolate with rum filling) on a Friday, the 13th of February.   The two variants didn’t quite satisfy the chocoholic in me.  For the price, I was hoping to experience a more heavenly taste that would stir up my senses.   Or maybe there wasn’t enough to really appreciate and enjoy co’z I shared the other half (of ganache rum) with my mother.  Yeah, I remember I liked cerise emballee fondant more than ganache co’z I consumed the whole piece of cerise.   So maybe next time, I’ll get myself at least 2 pieces of a variant though it would really hurt my wallet.

 Cerise emballe fondant - inside

But of course, since Leonidas is Belgian, it is expected to be costlier than the other brands.  As we all know, Belgian chocolates are considered to be the gourmet standard by which all other chocolate confections are measured.  Belgian chocolate boasts of a reputation for quality, in ingredients and adherence to the Old World manufacturing technique – made by hand.    So on the overall,  I would still consider Leonidas a special indulgence and gift… a real love treat.  

Leonidas is among the very few remaining Belgian chocolate praline companies operating at present.  The others are Godiva, Nirvana and Neuhaus.




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