Back to the 90s

5 04 2009

Chynna Phillips

Did this ever occur to you?…  You were tuned in to your  favorite radio station and then got to listen to this one song.  That was the first time you hear this song and you kinda liked it right there and then.  Then later, you discovered that it was an old song….

In my case, while at work, I get to listen to the songs being played on my co-worker’s radio (the station of which was once my favorite) every now and then until I was struck by this one song with the lyrics… naked and sacred… i wanna hold you naked…  till i grow old… Then I asked if anyone knows the song so I can download and upload it to my Ipod.  But nobody knows it… 

Then, I heard the song again while driving on my way home from church this morning.  I told myself, I gotta search for this song when I get home.  Luckily I was able to search the title and the artist… but lo!  It was an old song entitled Naked and Sacred by Chynna Phillips back in 1995.  Funny!

Chynna Phillips is a member of the pop trio Wilson Phillips of the 90s with 3 hit singles which include Hold On, Release Me and You’re In Love.




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