Raw Food for Aspiring Weight Losers?

23 04 2009

When we talk about raw food, we don’t just refer to fresh fruit plates and vegetable salads.  Aside from uncooked produce, sprouts, nuts and seeds are usually added to complete any raw food recipe. 

When I prepared my first green smoothie, I knew right then and there that the taste will be unimaginable.  It had a strong peculiar taste arising from the combined celery and parsley.  I’ve prepared several blends from the various recipes I’ve gathered from the net and also invented fusions based on the basic guides and rules in raw food combination, some of which I’ve enjoyed the tastes and some, not so much. After about 3 weeks of having a glass of smoothie on weekdays and two glasses on weekends, I notice a big improvement in my tummy area, which I liked but not in other parts of my body (hahaha).  So I thought, it’s not really advisable for me to skip my regular meals twice a day (even on weekends only) co’z I already have a slim figure.  I consulted Cheloy Ignacio (who is still in the US) thru her site on my concerns and she sent me this email on March 25:  


Just take (care) the smoothie either am or pm.  Im still in the states and probably be home by end of this year.

Have a rawsome day! 


Just a piece of advice for those aspiring to lose some weight the healthier way and  without that haggard look, check out Cheloy Ignacio’s Rawfood Philippines

Cherie Lou Ignacio (formerly Muhlach) is a certified raw food chef who took a course under the famous healthy lifestyle expert, Alissa Cohen in Massachusetts.




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