Justice for Baron!

11 05 2009

Up to this moment, I still can’t get Baron off my mind.  Today, a day after Mother’s Day, on the first working day of the week, at around 6 a.m., our dog – Baron, met an untimely death in the hands of some cruel people in the neighborhood.  I was on my regular morning beauty rituals when I overheard mother breaking the news to my father as she came in the house, so I got out of my room.  “Anong nangyari” (What happened?)  She told us that Baron was hit by a vehicle and was lying, still warm, on the road next block.   I told her that I was sure he was not hit or ran over by a vehicle.  No one can drive a vehicle that fast in our streets that would kill a dog.  He was beaten to death, I was very sure.

Father brought his body in front of our gate.  My whole body was trembling, my heart crushed as I watched him lying lifeless, his mouth still with some blood.  I still could not believe what I was seeing.  I wanted to cry… Mother was misty-eyed.  From the looks of Baron, he was really beaten.  Mother even saw some wet marks near his organ, an evidence that he urinated on the spot while fighting for his life.  How dare those people kill a man’s friend?  We had lost several dogs in different occasions in the past.  After they broke out of the gate, they never returned, not because they did not want to or because they did not find their way home, but because they were captured and I think killed to be made as “pulutan” (a snack accompanied with liquor or beer).  I couldn’t think otherwise co’z there was an instance when I heard dog cries after our dog got out and was nowhere to be found.   We’re very much aware that there are some people in the neighborhood who are dogmeat eaters. 

In the case of Baron, he broke out of our gate when the tenant in our other house left at around 4:30 a.m.   So while roaming around the next block, I was sure he was beaten but was able to get away from his attacker/s until he fell down on his way home.

This experience is more painful compared with the previous losses co’z right then and there, we saw a long-time companion, who was so full of life and energy, now lying in silence, idle and gone forever….

I personally condemn you all, whoever you are, who are responsible for the death of Baron.




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