Chili’s: Not just for hot stuffs

13 05 2009

Chilis logo

A friend back in grade school contacted me last month.  After exchanging pleasantries over the phone, we decided to meet up for more updates and bonding.  Previous schedules didn’t push through until last Friday.  Chili’s Grill and Bar at Greenbelt 5 was our venue.  It was still early when I reached the area so I thought of making a reservation before scanning the mall to while away the time.  I learned though that Chili’s does not accept reservations but it allows you to get a table while waiting.  It was only around 6 p.m. and my friend was just in the vicinity so I just went with my shop-browsing.

I hadn’t gone far enough from Chili’s yet when my friend arrived.  Without much ado, we dragged our feet straight to the resto and chose a non-smoking area.  I tried to look for the most recommended offerings beforehand but my friend does not go for spicy stuffs so I decided to try other dishes with interesting descriptions in the “Favorites” section of the menu.  We started off with Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad which did not impress me much.  It was short of dressing but I liked the taste of the shrimps.  I’m a pasta and noodle lover so any meal will not be complete without a least one pasta or noodle dish.  That night we opted to have Tomato Basil Chicken Penne, the only tomato-based pasta.  My friend and I were both disappointed with this dish.  There was something lacking.  We requested for more parmesan but that didn’t quite fill the void.  I loved the tender grilled chicken breast though. 

Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta

We also had the Big Mouth Burger Bites, which is the bite-sized version of the Big Mouth Burgers, with savory and juicy mini grilled beef burgers topped with bacon, American cheese and Ranch dressing and complemented with onion rings and fries. We had them well-done.  I wouldn’t come back for this, although it was quite satisfactory for me, co’z I really don’t go for burgers now.  I just did for the experience.  I would rather try its fajitas next time. 

Big Mouth Burger Bites

We were initially planning to have margarita but we ended up with bottomless lemonade.  On the overall, this place is still worth coming back to for its cozy ambience, great service (I salute the crews who attended to us) and maybe sumptuous dishes still to be discovered. 




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