Short Course on Basic Raw Food Preparation

29 06 2009

Ms. Cheloy Ignacio of Raw Food Philippines never ceased to share the good benefits of raw food diet.  I got this email from Cheloy last Saturday with the information that while in the US, she will also conduct classes on raw food diet as what she regularly does here in Manila.  She’s offering a two-hour class on Basic Rawfood Preparation in Las Vegas, California for US$125.  As usual, every attendee should come on an empty stomach.  Inclusive of the session are twelve (12) delicious, mouth-watering and easy-to-follow recipes to learn and also to enjoy i.e. almond milk, green smoothie, mock salmon pate’, asian  salad with special dressing, vegetables sushi rolls, cheddar cheese dip, stuffed portabella mushroom, fettuccine alfredo, angel hair pasta with marinara sauce, broccoli salad, tomato soup and walnut raisin cookies.

DATE: JULY 16, 23, AND 30, 2009

TIME: 5:30-7:30 P.M. 


            RM 201-10,  ( 2ND LEVEL PARKING)

            5115 W. SPRING MOUNTAIN ROAD

            LAS VEGAS , NEVADA 89146 

CONTACTS: 702-696-8816 Las Vegas


Also, watch out for upcoming sessions to be held in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, California.


The World is Mourning for Michael Jackson

26 06 2009

Michael Jackson

The world was shocked as the news about the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson spread. 

“He was pronounced dead on Thursday afternoon at UCLA Medical Center after arriving in a coma.  The singer was rushed to the hospital, a six-minute drive from the rented Bel-Air home in which he was living, shortly after noon by paramedics for the Los Angeles Fire Department. A hospital spokesman would not confirm reports of cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm.” (

I’m not really a big fan of Michael Jackson but when I heard the news on the radio within an hour of his death while I was on my way to work, I felt sad, of course.  Actually, I got this text joke last April 1 (April Fool’s Day) about his death.  I forwarded the text without realizing the punch line at the end.  Now, it’s no longer a joke…  He’s gone forever.

In the office, I jokingly asked a colleague if he has a compilation of his songs that he can play on his computer (which has a good speaker system).  After a few minutes, he started playing one of his songs… He was able to find a site that plays his songs right there and then.  While “Someone in the Dark” was playing, I felt a sudden intense sadness.  Why on earth did I feel that way?  I guess, it’s just but normal for such feeling to arise after the loss or death of someone, so much so for someone like the legendary Jackson.

“Michael, the world is in grief for such an untimely death of yours.  You may have wronged some people but I believe many still love you.”

BS Lip and Cheek Stain Exiting Soon?

23 06 2009

Lip and Cheek Stain

Last Saturday, I and a colleague were strolling around Robinsons Galleria when I noticed Body Shop still on sale.  Was the anniversary sale extended again?  I wondered… As we got closer, I realized the items on sale were different from the last time, as far as I can recall.  One item on the display window piqued my interest so I asked my colleague if it was ok to check out the items. 

While my buddy was trying a free make-over, I expressed to the staff my liking for their Lip and Cheek Stain.  According to her, this favorite item of mine will be phased out  soon co’z it’s not selling very well in other countries unlike in Manila.   If ever, this will be the second Body Shop product I patronize that is exiting the market, the first was the Tea Tree Oil Pressed Powder.

Shopaholics at MNG

23 06 2009

I didn’t go straight home last Friday as earlier planned.  Last minute, I was invited to have dinner by a friend.  Since I so wanted to eat pizza that day, I said “yes” but I insisted that we just have dinner, pizza at that, no extra strolling. 

We were considering Domino’s Pizza in Makati Avenue but since we were not sure about the parking area, my friend suggested that we go to Rockwell instead.  I was quite happy co’z I know I’ll be able to drop by Royce’.

Since we were not hungry yet, we checked out some stores first.  My friend spotted Mango with the signage “Sale up to 50%” and she suggested that we get inside hoping to get some good items.  I told her that the last time I checked out Mango during sale, I wasn’t successful co’z the sale had long been running.  As we got in, you can see the excited ladies rummaging through the shelves and racks.  Seemed like the sale has just started and I was right.  There were still a lot of nice items co’z the sale just started a day before.  So went the impulse buyer in me, again…

I just wanted a nice top but I was able to get a nice-fitting jeans, too, for a discounted price of 50%.  I almost got 2 blouses but I thought it was so impractical as I already got myself a black one last weekend aside from the 3 or 4 I took home during the first week sale at Festival Mall last month.  As for my friend, she got herself a cute blazer/jacket and a pair of jeans, too.  She also wanted another top but she had previous purchases from Memo a few weeks ago.  So for lesser guilt….

For the girls and other ladies out there, you can still catch the sale as there’s no definite end date yet.

Body Shop Sale Extended

15 06 2009

Body Shop

Girls, grab your shopping basket before the day ends co’z today is the last day of the Extended Sale at all Body Shop outlets.  Get as much as 70% discount on your favorite stuffs.

Speaking of favorite stuff, mine is the Lip and Cheek Stain.   Since it was launched here in the Philippines, I never ran out of stock of this item.  I always have at least 2 pieces of this fabulous beauty essential in my vanity drawer.  How’s that?  Well, I just never missed to purchase this item whenever it’s on sale.  I got myself 2 pieces last month when it was offered at 40% off.  Now, that makes 4 in my drawer.  So, you know…

What make this item a really “must-have”  for me?  First is the price.  At Php795, it costs a little cheaper compared to other brands like Smashbox, Mac and ModelCo.  And if you’re regularly checking out Body Shop, you should not miss the sale events that usually include this stuff offered at 40% off or “Buy 1, Take 1”.  Isn’t that hot?  Another thing I like about this stuff is the natural glow it gives my cheeks and with just a little powder and lip color, off I can go….

Oh la la with Royce’ Chocolates…

13 06 2009

I was quite busy the past weeks that I wasn’t able to finish this post before the Hayden Kho scandal came out.   The chocolate I would be writing about is the same chocolate that Hayden’s partner had in one of the videos (if you know Royce’ and was too observant).   So this is all about Royce’ and has nothing to do with Hayden Kho. 

I just want to share that I finally had a taste of Royce’ chocolate.  When my two friends invited me to have lunch at Rockwell (co’z one of them was planning to have a hair cut at Basement Salon), I didn’t think twice.  I thought I would finally buy myself this much recommended Nama chocolate from Hokkaido, Japan.

Upon reaching Rockwell, I spotted right away Royce’s store.  We went straight to the store and checked out the items on display.  As a dark chocolate lover, I chose the bitter Nama chocolate and a bar of Rum Raisin Chocolate.  


I would say that Royce’ has become another favorite.   It may be a little more expensive than Truffettes de France, but it’s really worth it.   The pack contains 20 small rectangular cuts of chocolate generously dusted in bitter chocolate powder and small spatula. 

I enjoyed the extra smooth and velvety texture and subtle aroma.  I used to chew my chocolates when I was young but not anymore.  I’ve discovered that allowing my chocolate to slowly melt in my mouth gives a more enjoyable and pleasurable sensation.   Royce’ Nama is neither too sweet nor too bitter that even the regular chocolate lovers would appreciate it. 

The Rum Raisin, on the other hand, is another must-try for the more daring and adventurous palates.  This comes a little bitter from the rum itself.  I’ve had Rum Raisin chocolates by several other makers but Royce’s version is the best.  The other versions came too sweet for me because of the raisins but not in Royce’.   The raisins here tasted like they were soaked in rum so you can imagine how the whole bar tasted, so heavenly….

Meet The Fort’s Secret Recipe

13 06 2009

Secret Recipe

Several Fridays ago was sort of another “treat yourself” day.  Since it was the birthday of a  colleague, we decided to give her a treat at the Secret Recipe, The Fort.  It was our team’s second time there.  This casual dining place has captured our taste buds for its kinda unique spaghetti stir-fried in “tom yum” minced chicken, chilies and spices called “Tom Yum Spaghetti” and Crispy Chicken Salad  although we were not quite satisfied with the service the first time.   Imagine… our salad came when we were almost finished with our main course.  But yeah, we came back for the Tom Yum Spaghetti which at that time arrived in smaller serving and paler sauce.  That wasn’t how it was presented before.  Each one vividly remembers.   When we partook of it, disappointment came co’z it tasted quite differently from the previous time.  The distinctive flavor was gone.  It was a little bland.  Must be the pasta which was not very well drained that resulted to a watery sauce.  The good thing was we decided to have just one order of the dish and tried the other pastas i.e. carbonara and bolognese.

 Tom Yum Spaghetti

The bestseller Crispy Chicken Salad was consistently served in a bowl of colorful ingredients of romaine lettuce, red cabbage strips, slices of cherry tomatoes and chicken cubes with this tangy mixture of house-blend dressing.

 Crispy Chicken Salad

For our Pasta Carbonara, we chose penne instead of rigatoni.  Honestly, I prefer tomato-based pasta but I quite liked Secret Recipe’s version of this cream-based dish with prawns and mushrooms.  The sauce was not too thick which rendered a more flavorful taste. 


The Spaghetti Bolognese came with a generous mozzarella on top of minced beef.  The pasta serving was a little larger compared to the “Tom Yum” Spaghetti, we wondered why.


For our sweet ending, we were successful to be able to try its award-winning marble cheese cake. We were dying to order this cheese cake during the first visit but we ended up with caramel cheese cake which is marked as “favorite” in the menu.  Both cheese cakes are first-rate for me – it was like eating one whole bar of real cheese, one should not really miss indulging in either.

 Cheese Cake

As I said, it was a “treat yourself” day.  After work, I and another friend went to Serendra to stroll and window shop.  After checking out two shops, we stumbled upon The Spa.  My friend got excited and dragged me to it.   At first, I was hesitant co’z I’m used to bringing my spa stuff whenever I feel like having a massage.  That time, I had nothing on hand.  On second thought, why not?  At least, I’ll be able to check out The Spa’s facilities at this branch. 

The Spa 

This branch has a more modern interior, more of the black and white concept.  Though it offers the same services as the other branches, it lacks the dry sauna, which is my favorite, and the cold pool. 

Still, The Spa never fails to render a very relaxing experience with its Swedish massage.