Meet The Fort’s Secret Recipe

13 06 2009

Secret Recipe

Several Fridays ago was sort of another “treat yourself” day.  Since it was the birthday of a  colleague, we decided to give her a treat at the Secret Recipe, The Fort.  It was our team’s second time there.  This casual dining place has captured our taste buds for its kinda unique spaghetti stir-fried in “tom yum” minced chicken, chilies and spices called “Tom Yum Spaghetti” and Crispy Chicken Salad  although we were not quite satisfied with the service the first time.   Imagine… our salad came when we were almost finished with our main course.  But yeah, we came back for the Tom Yum Spaghetti which at that time arrived in smaller serving and paler sauce.  That wasn’t how it was presented before.  Each one vividly remembers.   When we partook of it, disappointment came co’z it tasted quite differently from the previous time.  The distinctive flavor was gone.  It was a little bland.  Must be the pasta which was not very well drained that resulted to a watery sauce.  The good thing was we decided to have just one order of the dish and tried the other pastas i.e. carbonara and bolognese.

 Tom Yum Spaghetti

The bestseller Crispy Chicken Salad was consistently served in a bowl of colorful ingredients of romaine lettuce, red cabbage strips, slices of cherry tomatoes and chicken cubes with this tangy mixture of house-blend dressing.

 Crispy Chicken Salad

For our Pasta Carbonara, we chose penne instead of rigatoni.  Honestly, I prefer tomato-based pasta but I quite liked Secret Recipe’s version of this cream-based dish with prawns and mushrooms.  The sauce was not too thick which rendered a more flavorful taste. 


The Spaghetti Bolognese came with a generous mozzarella on top of minced beef.  The pasta serving was a little larger compared to the “Tom Yum” Spaghetti, we wondered why.


For our sweet ending, we were successful to be able to try its award-winning marble cheese cake. We were dying to order this cheese cake during the first visit but we ended up with caramel cheese cake which is marked as “favorite” in the menu.  Both cheese cakes are first-rate for me – it was like eating one whole bar of real cheese, one should not really miss indulging in either.

 Cheese Cake

As I said, it was a “treat yourself” day.  After work, I and another friend went to Serendra to stroll and window shop.  After checking out two shops, we stumbled upon The Spa.  My friend got excited and dragged me to it.   At first, I was hesitant co’z I’m used to bringing my spa stuff whenever I feel like having a massage.  That time, I had nothing on hand.  On second thought, why not?  At least, I’ll be able to check out The Spa’s facilities at this branch. 

The Spa 

This branch has a more modern interior, more of the black and white concept.  Though it offers the same services as the other branches, it lacks the dry sauna, which is my favorite, and the cold pool. 

Still, The Spa never fails to render a very relaxing experience with its Swedish massage. 




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16 11 2009
a cup of tea and a story

Hi Michael.

I really appreciate your comments. The Philippines is indeed rich in interesting places, either for exploration or food tripping. I, myself, love to travel and when I travel, I make sure I get to taste the local foods. I also love to eat out, either to try new dishes or to try new restos. The “Secret Recipes” is one dining place I quite love to frequent because of its unique good tasting dishes. But, of course, it’s still subjective… depends on your palate, that is. 🙂

You can find Secret Recipes at:
Level 1, 32nd St. cor. 5th Ave., Fort Bonifacio Tel. 856-2953
Level 2, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall Expansion Tel. 706-5246
Level 4, Robinson’s Place, Midtown Manila Tel. 567-2042
Level 5, Shangrila Plaza Mall Tel. 637-0367

Check out this site every now and then for more reviews.

14 11 2009

Hello, I am a frequent visitor to Philippines the recent years where I discover new unexplored places and little gemstones. But something that I have problem with is quality of cooking. This place in your blog actually seem interesting and I like to add it to my list of possible place to eat. But where is it? First of all, in what city …?

Normally I seek hotels that have kitchenette so I can cook my own food. If possible. And I really dislike the Kenny Rogers and equal American style of food. But then it narrows down… I read your blog with interest and look forward to more nice restaurant reviews in the Philippines.

Thank you
(From Sweden)

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