5 07 2009

Michael Jackson

On the weekend following Michael Jackson’s death, I started downloading his songs for my Ipod.  I was able to upload 20 songs and from then on, during my commute to and from my office, I started listening to his songs.  I never thought that he will have such an impact on me until his death.  I had only a few songs of his that I really love listening to co’z I didn’t take time to check out his songs until now.  So when I heard his other songs, “Wow!”…  Didn’t realize that he really has so many great songs… with great lyrics and melodies. 

Many have touched my heart.  Heal the World, Man in the Mirror, Childhood, Gone Too Soon are just few.  The ones with great melodies for me include For All Time, She’s Out of My Life, Stranger in Moscow, Love Never Felt So Good, Human Nature and Break of Dawn. 

And last Friday, as I made a run into a few shops in Megamall and passed by the entrance of SM Department Store, I saw some CDs out on display and one rack contained (you guessed it right), Jacko’s, but only a few, that is.  Just like I heard in the news, his CDs started to run out of stock on the weekend after his death.  At first, I was undecided if I was going to get one (I sort of made a quick examination of my action, if I was just being carried away or something) until I told myself… “I really want it!”.  I got myself the Limited Edition The Essential, a compilation of 38 “greatest hits” released in 2005, before it becomes unavailable (there was only one left in the rack).

 The Essential

And just earlier, as I watched a production number in the noontime show ASAP ’09 featuring the song Heal the World by Jacko, I became teary-eyed.  I still couldn’t believe that Michael Jackson is gone.




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