SLERS of Cagayan de Oro

29 08 2009


I first learned about SLERS through my former boss a few years ago.  Tried its own version of chicharon (pork crackling) which definitely tastes better than Lapid’s (comes close to second).  I didn’t pay much attention to her sharing of delight for the chicharon at that time primarily because it’s not a healthy food (hahaha) until she brought at work a pack as her pasalubong (gift item from travel ).  She told us that there’s a SLERS kiosk at the Mall of Asia (MOA).  And so during my first visit to the  MOA, while I was browsing the stores and shops, I stumbled upon the kiosk and that was the start of my appreciation as I shared with my family this delectable pica pica (finger food). 

When my boss and a colleague announced their visit to the Del Monte cannery in Cagayan de Oro, I requested them to buy me a pack of SLERS chicharon just to remind me of the taste as I seldom eat the stuff.  I didn’t know that SLERS has other product offerings such as Jamon de Cagayan, sausage, bacon, sweet ham, among others until my colleague contacted me to ask if I want the foodstuff they bought for themselves.  I told her I would want the Jamon de Cagayan instead of the sweet ham which they purchased, a pack of bacon and sausage. 

Upon their return, she told me that it was a good decision for me to have the Jamon de Cagayan, a country ham produced the old fashioned way by the long process of salt curing and smoking, as this is the must-try among the SLERS products according to the locals there.   Sorry guys! but I’m accustomed to try the unique local food in every locality that I visit.   I promised to share some, anyway, for them to try. 


Good Quality Durian at Tiendesitas

29 08 2009

One Saturday, just before we head home, to the insistence of my friend’s mom, we checked out Tiendesitas to buy some durian.  It was almost 11 p.m. and we were fortunate co’z ECJ (stands for Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr.) Farms was still open.  And we were lucky indeed co’z I’ve learned that durian is available only a few months a year.  I was ecstatic!

I didnt’ know there’s a store in the Food Village that sells durian (frozen durian, ice cream and cake).   So durian is the bestseller among the various offerings which include other local fruits, organic vegetables, herbs and a number of delicacies.  

ECJ Farms offers a Thai variety of the fruit but is locally grown.  The microwable pack priced at Php180 contains about 4 giant pulps (with  smaller seeds compared to the native and other local varieties like Chanee, Puyat and Arancillo).   Satisfying indeed!   The durian addicts will love its sweet, thick and creamy texture. 

ECJ Farms, Food Village, Tiendesitas, Frontera Verde Drive, Ortigas Ave. cor. E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), Pasig City.

Coming Very Soon: All About Steve

29 08 2009

All About Steve

Been waiting so long for the release of All About Steve.  As early as February, I’ve noted the films I’m going to watch for this year.   In the trailer that I saw back then, it indicated the screening schedule which was March.   I don’t know why the delay.  Anyway, it’s now coming very soon.   So it will be on September 4 in the US and after about a week or two in the Philippines.

Another must-see chick flick about a woman (Sandra Bullock) who, after falling for a guy (Bradley Cooper), thinks they’re an item; unfortunately, he thinks she’s stalking him. 

Watch the official trailer here.

A Big No to Roro Port in El Nido!

29 08 2009

Just after I got home last night and while resting a bit on the sofa, I caught this news on TV about a plan to construct a Roll On Roll Off (Roro) port in El Nido, Palawan.  While new infrastructures greatly improve a certain locality, I personally don’t think this should be done in El Nido.  Ecotourism is the island’s  primary source of income as this is home to diverse ecosystems such as rainforest, mangroves, white sand beaches, coral reefs, and limestone cliffs.  It is the sanctuary of various marine species.  

“El Nido is a Protected Area and a part of the Coral Triangle, making it one of the most important aquatic biodiversity sites in the world,” said Eduardo Jarque, Jr., Undersecretary for Tourism Planning and Promotions.

I hope the Department of Tourism will continue to pursue its opposition to the plan.

Kayaking at the Big Lagoon El Nido

Kayaking at the Big Lagoon, El Nido (Photo courtesy of El Nido Resorts)

I’ve never been to El Nido but I had arranged a honeymoon trip to this paradise for my brother in Canada and his wife.   I’m hoping to get to see this place, too very soon.  Meantime, I would have to see Coron, Palawan first.  As of this writing, I’ve started to coordinate with Owen Ferrer for our Coron trip in December.   We’re all excited!!!

International Green Smoothie Day

11 08 2009

Green smoothie cocktail

International Green Smoothie Day is only 4 days away!!

It’s happening this Saturday, August 15th!

Join this great event.  Let’s promote good health all over the world.

Spread the word about International Green Smoothie Day, then slurp along on August 15th and join in the celebration!  Those who have not yet discovered the benefits of raw diet, visit the Green Smoothie Queen site.

The Proposal

4 08 2009

 The Proposal

I had marked my calendar as early as February for the release date of the “The Proposal”.  So here in Manila, it was on the 29th of July but I watched it on August 1st.


When high-powered book editor Margaret (Sandra Bullock) faces deportation to her native Canada, the quick-thinking exec declares that she’s actually engaged to her unsuspecting put-upon assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), who she’s tormented for years. He agrees to participate in the charade, but with a few conditions of his own. The unlikely couple heads to Alaska to meet his quirky family (Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Betty White) and the always-in-control city girl finds herself in one comedic fish-out-of-water situation after another. With an impromptu wedding in the works and an immigration official on their tails, Margaret and Andrew reluctantly vow to stick to the plan despite the precarious consequences.


While it has a happy ending, it failed to show “Falling for you” moments and as one review puts it more romantic interactions that would have provided the audience with at least a good make out scene to indulge in.  The audience wanted more…. 

The movie is still undeniably worth watching with its primary cast – Ryan Reynolds (Andrew) with his very sexy appeal.  I particularly liked the look in his eyes especially during the on-the-spot announcement by Sandra Bullock (Margaret) of their engagement.  – and Sandra Bullock who is still in a really great shape at 45.  Her portrayal was believable! 

On its 2nd week, you can still catch the movie at SM Cinemas.

When East Meets West at John and Yoko

3 08 2009

While still in the office, we planned to just have a light meal at Tsoko.Nut, before heading home, after that quite heavy afternoon snack we had during the seminar.  But after our shopping concluded, we were both starving so I suggested that we just go and find a good place within the area.  The closest in sight was John and Yoko and we didn’t think twice.  

We were second in the queue and while waiting, our attention were caught by the “looks-like-very-delectable” dish on the table outside which was next to us. It was a soft thin-crust pizza with quite generous shrimp toppings.   

After we were seated, the queue increased all the more. Honestly, I was quite intrigued the first time I passed by this sophisticated-looking resto. It was also full at that time while the other nearby was half-empty.  There must be something in it… 

We decided to order that mouth-watering pizza in the other table for our main course even before we finished checking out the menu.  The Shrimp and Enoki Pizza which fell under the category Ginza Tapaz and Big City Teasers was really a teaser at that.  When it was served, however, I asked the crew if it was the exact pizza we ordered co’z I couldn’t see any shrimp in the toppings.  My friend saw a quarter part of the seafood half-buried in the cheese.  I asked her twice if it was really shrimp.  It was barely recognizable but yes, it was shrimp.  I called the attention of one server and she politely told us that it was the exact pizza we ordered.  After describing to her the pizza in the other table, she took ours and told us that she’ll bring it to the attention of their staff in the kitchen. 

After a few minutes, she returned with our pizza with the visible crustaceans on top this time. She explained that there were shrimps in it, just buried in the cheese, but still she requested for additional for our satisfaction.  I suggested that they should be consistent in their food preparation and presentation.  Other than that, the food experience was great.  The crust was not that soft as it earlier appeared.  A bit of some kind of oriental brown-colored sauce (which I learned later to be tonkatsu) gave the pizza a distinct taste, with the enoki mushrooms adding a different appeal and texture.  To add more flavor, a dash of chili powder may be added.  

For our starter, we had the California Maki Salad which, at first, I thought we won’t be able to finish. When we started to dip our fork, we realized that it was not such a big serving.  The bowl came with bite-sized iceberg and mango, kani strips in a yoghurty dressing. 

No more dessert co’z we were already so full. 

This place is still worth a number of visits for its various offerings (both affordable and high-priced) but I think it would be more practical to come in three or more to enable you to try more dishes in one visit. 

Until then…. 

Note:  Wasn’t able to capture nice photos thru my mobile phone.