Further Reductions at Mango

3 08 2009

Mango logo


As always, Friday has been a time for gimmicks which include shopping (or window shopping), or watching a movie, or going to the spa and dinner, as I’m not a party-goer or bar hopper.  It’s not really a regular schedule but what I’m saying is, whenever I and my friends plan to go out, it’s on a Friday so we can stay out late. 

So last Friday, after our seminar, I and a colleague decided to stroll around Greenbelt 5.  As expected, I didn’t go home without at least one shopping bag in hand.  I wasn’t able to resist getting myself another pair of jeans at Mango.  I was not really expecting to spot a “good” item as I already had two some weeks ago.  At Php995, the classic jeans was a “good buy”.   So the shop is offering further reductions.  Up to when?  I didn’t ask.  My friend also got a pair jeans and a nice blouse for a just little over Php2K.

So go, check out girls!




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