When East Meets West at John and Yoko

3 08 2009

While still in the office, we planned to just have a light meal at Tsoko.Nut, before heading home, after that quite heavy afternoon snack we had during the seminar.  But after our shopping concluded, we were both starving so I suggested that we just go and find a good place within the area.  The closest in sight was John and Yoko and we didn’t think twice.  

We were second in the queue and while waiting, our attention were caught by the “looks-like-very-delectable” dish on the table outside which was next to us. It was a soft thin-crust pizza with quite generous shrimp toppings.   

After we were seated, the queue increased all the more. Honestly, I was quite intrigued the first time I passed by this sophisticated-looking resto. It was also full at that time while the other nearby was half-empty.  There must be something in it… 

We decided to order that mouth-watering pizza in the other table for our main course even before we finished checking out the menu.  The Shrimp and Enoki Pizza which fell under the category Ginza Tapaz and Big City Teasers was really a teaser at that.  When it was served, however, I asked the crew if it was the exact pizza we ordered co’z I couldn’t see any shrimp in the toppings.  My friend saw a quarter part of the seafood half-buried in the cheese.  I asked her twice if it was really shrimp.  It was barely recognizable but yes, it was shrimp.  I called the attention of one server and she politely told us that it was the exact pizza we ordered.  After describing to her the pizza in the other table, she took ours and told us that she’ll bring it to the attention of their staff in the kitchen. 

After a few minutes, she returned with our pizza with the visible crustaceans on top this time. She explained that there were shrimps in it, just buried in the cheese, but still she requested for additional for our satisfaction.  I suggested that they should be consistent in their food preparation and presentation.  Other than that, the food experience was great.  The crust was not that soft as it earlier appeared.  A bit of some kind of oriental brown-colored sauce (which I learned later to be tonkatsu) gave the pizza a distinct taste, with the enoki mushrooms adding a different appeal and texture.  To add more flavor, a dash of chili powder may be added.  

For our starter, we had the California Maki Salad which, at first, I thought we won’t be able to finish. When we started to dip our fork, we realized that it was not such a big serving.  The bowl came with bite-sized iceberg and mango, kani strips in a yoghurty dressing. 

No more dessert co’z we were already so full. 

This place is still worth a number of visits for its various offerings (both affordable and high-priced) but I think it would be more practical to come in three or more to enable you to try more dishes in one visit. 

Until then…. 

Note:  Wasn’t able to capture nice photos thru my mobile phone.




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