Coming Very Soon: All About Steve

29 08 2009

All About Steve

Been waiting so long for the release of All About Steve.  As early as February, I’ve noted the films I’m going to watch for this year.   In the trailer that I saw back then, it indicated the screening schedule which was March.   I don’t know why the delay.  Anyway, it’s now coming very soon.   So it will be on September 4 in the US and after about a week or two in the Philippines.

Another must-see chick flick about a woman (Sandra Bullock) who, after falling for a guy (Bradley Cooper), thinks they’re an item; unfortunately, he thinks she’s stalking him. 

Watch the official trailer here.




2 responses

14 09 2009
a cup of tea and a story

Yeah, that movie introduced me to Bradley Cooper. He was really “hot” in “He’s (not “She’s”, hahaha. Is that because you’re the one talking?) Just Not That Into You”. I got a separate posting about that movie. Check it out…

I also love Sandra Bullock esp. in “The Proposal” (wink, wink)

14 09 2009

Did you see Bradley’s other movie? ” She’s just not that into you” is the title of the movie…It’s a star-studded movie with Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johannsen, Jennifer Connely to name a few. He was also in “Hangover” which was a surprisingly big hit low budget movie.

I love Sandra Bullock.

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