SLERS of Cagayan de Oro

29 08 2009


I first learned about SLERS through my former boss a few years ago.  Tried its own version of chicharon (pork crackling) which definitely tastes better than Lapid’s (comes close to second).  I didn’t pay much attention to her sharing of delight for the chicharon at that time primarily because it’s not a healthy food (hahaha) until she brought at work a pack as her pasalubong (gift item from travel ).  She told us that there’s a SLERS kiosk at the Mall of Asia (MOA).  And so during my first visit to the  MOA, while I was browsing the stores and shops, I stumbled upon the kiosk and that was the start of my appreciation as I shared with my family this delectable pica pica (finger food). 

When my boss and a colleague announced their visit to the Del Monte cannery in Cagayan de Oro, I requested them to buy me a pack of SLERS chicharon just to remind me of the taste as I seldom eat the stuff.  I didn’t know that SLERS has other product offerings such as Jamon de Cagayan, sausage, bacon, sweet ham, among others until my colleague contacted me to ask if I want the foodstuff they bought for themselves.  I told her I would want the Jamon de Cagayan instead of the sweet ham which they purchased, a pack of bacon and sausage. 

Upon their return, she told me that it was a good decision for me to have the Jamon de Cagayan, a country ham produced the old fashioned way by the long process of salt curing and smoking, as this is the must-try among the SLERS products according to the locals there.   Sorry guys! but I’m accustomed to try the unique local food in every locality that I visit.   I promised to share some, anyway, for them to try. 




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14 09 2009
a cup of tea and a story

No problem, bro! MOA is just a stone’s throw away…

14 09 2009

Make sure to take us to this store in December. I wanna eat delicacies that I don’t get to eat here in Canada.

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