The Farm or Nurture Spa or Sonya’s Garden

11 09 2009

We’re starting to scout for places to explore on my brother’s forthcoming visit this December.  Apart from Coron, Palawan, he and his wife are considering Boracay, with me as the willing tour guide, but three days ago, he told me that they are changing plans.  For some reasons, his wife’s grandparents are no longer joining so they are considering to go to The Farm at San Benito instead, with his mom-in-law.  I told them I can also be their guide.  Well, I told him that the The Farm is also a great experience every balikbayan (Philippine nationals who are permanently residing abroad including their spouses and children, regardless of nationality or country of birth.  It also refers to those of Filipino descent who acquired foreign citizenship and permanent status abroad)  should not miss.  Based on the site and on my phone inquiry, the current rate for the day tour is Php4,800++, no land transfers like before. 

The Farm

Another place I suggested is the Nurture Spa in Tagaytay.  I guess this is one place worth visiting when you’re in the area.  Back then, in December 2005, this relaxation destination already had its own unique style – natural ambience with its Ifugao huts.  Minimum overnight package is priced at Php4,200/pax. 

Nurture Spa

There’s another destination I had in mind – the Sonya’s Garden.  Overnight rates are Php3,000 and Php3,400/pax on weekdays and weekends/holidays, respectively. Incidentally, this is also located in Tagaytay.  I had been to all the three (3) destinations which are only a few hours away from our home.  So getting there is less of a hassle compared with Boracay.  Eeny, meeny, miny mo… Whatever my brother decides on for early January next year will be truly another enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Sonya's Garden

Photos courtesy of the individual sites.   Sonya’s Garden photo courtesy of Irene Tan-Gurango.




2 responses

14 09 2009
a cup of tea and a story

You’re definitely right! Take your pick… You can’t go wrong, I assure you. I had been to all three as I said and I would love to join you, still.

14 09 2009

Wow, these 3 places all look awesome. An oasis of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city (Manila). Can’t wait to experience nature and nurture…

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