Ondoy: The Worst in 40 Years

28 09 2009

My family and I are still lucky to be residing in the south of Metro Manila.  Only isolated areas suffered from flooding, mostly those areas near the creeks or the really low streets.  But I had my share of fearful experience last Saturday during the heaviest of rains.  After our visitation, a church activity, I was expecting a flood in front of Pilar Village, along the national road, where I would pass through due to the non-stop heavy downpour so I decided to have my car tires checked at Servitek first.  I was thinking that the waters would have gone down by the time I was done.  Unfortunately, the rains had not stopped.  At past 1:00 p.m., I was already starving so I decided to go and try my luck with the flood.  The traffic was already building.  At least there were many of us, I thought.  As I drew near the flooded area, I was really praying hard to make it.  I successfully crossed it but when I reached our village, I realized that it was above-knee-deep in one portion of the road.  I stopped my engine for about a minute then decided to take an alternate route using my “friendship pass” (car sticker to access subdivisions opened to the general public to ease traffic problems), however, another portion of the national road (along the bridge atop a creek before the Ever Supermarket) was flooded.  “Oh! Not again!”  Again, I hoped I would be able to cross it.  Then, just when I was nearing Southville Int’l School, I saw that the water was high, too.  “Come on!”  I was more than nervous that time co’z  I saw a car being pushed.  “God, please.  Let me cross safely”. 

During the night, we again had another church activity but didn’t try to leave the house.  I didn’t want to have the same experience as earlier, especially at nighttime. 

As of yesterday, Sunday, the flood waters in our area already subsided but not in the badly affected areas like Marikina, Rizal and Pasig.  A number of my co-workers were not able to report for work today co’z either their houses were still submerged in waters or their access roads are not passable yet.  

All I can say is that this is the worst.  “Ondoy” is almost a month’s worth of rains that fell in just six hours over Metro Manila last Saturday causing the worst floods in nearly 40 years.

ondoy news.bbc.co.uk

Photo courtesy of BBC News




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