Just started with My Farmville!

3 10 2009
My Farmville

This is how my farm looks like on my third day. Not bad, right?

I’ve been seeing my friends’ status updates at Farmville thru Facebook for months before I decided to check on it.  I tried it last Saturday at the height of Ondoy wrought.  It was really fun.  Addictive! But as a neophyte, of course, I had very limited resources so I opted to purchase seedlings that can be harvested in the shortest possible time.  I needed to harvest my fresh produce at around 10 p.m.  Unfortunately, I lost my DSL connection at 9:30 p.m.   Wahhhhh!

All of my farm produce wilted.  Everything!!!  It was because my DSL connection was restored last night only after referring it to the technical support of PLDT.  That was a week!  I should have reported it earlier.

Anyway, I’m back…  I hope to upgrade it to something nicer and bigger soon.  My friends have huge farms and some are really nicely, very well and artistically planned and laid out.

Those who have not tried Farmville yet, come on… join the bandwagon.  Start building your own farm now.




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