Roxas City, Here I Come!

21 10 2009

PAL Promo Banner

I just let Cebu Pacific’s latest promo pass.  I was thinking that I have to be more serious in saving this time for my future “ahem”.  Besides, I already have two (2) travels in queue for this last quarter.  

But, just after I arrived in my workplace, my colleague asked me if I was interested to come to Roxas City, her hometown.  I asked her why.  According to her, the PAL all-in promo fare is only Php1,792.  My next question was, “When?”.  She said, “from Nov. 27 to 30”.  I took a moment of silence… I’ve been kidding her for not inviting us to see her hometown.  Now is the time.  But I thought I couldn’t afford to absent myself for 2 days co’z  I have upcoming travels.  I didn’t realize it will be a long weekend.  Ok, good thing!  I still had one more concern – church commitment.  After checking the calendar, I realized there’s no conflict.  Ok, book, book. 

Now looking forward, it will be a truly indulging holiday, a weekend of seafood indulgence being in the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.  

Thanks to the Philippine Airlines’ More for Less promo*. 

* Sale period is from October 16 to 23 for travel period from November 4 to December 10, 2009  




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