Coron countdown starts…

14 12 2009


The famous angle on the way to the Kayangan Lake. Photo taken by Ferdz Decena.

Coron is just a few more night sleeps away.  As my brother from Canada and his wife count the remaining nights to their Philippines vacation (just two nights away as of this writing), I also do my own countdown.  Exactly a week from now, I’ll be seeing the Island of Coron and I’m sure life will never be the same again.


A Taste of the Magic of Disney

8 12 2009


There’s nothing like Disneyland.  I think if there would be any chance, everyone – young and young at hearts – should go and see Disneyland.   The whole experience was truly amazing and unforgettable.    

Our Disney fever started from the time we arrived at the airport because we knew that in less than an hour, we would be heading for the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, our temporary residence for two days.  After we got off the tourist bus, we took turns to have a few snapshots of ourselves in front of the hotel.  Then, after checking in, a quick lunch and freshening up, off we went to the park via the Disney bus.  Couldn’t delay any longer… 

Not far from the drop-off point, the Disneyland arch came in sight.  The main entrance, however, was about 10 minutes away.  Inside, we saw everyone with a map and guide in hand.  So we were all overwhelmed with the panoramic view as we entered the gate that no one took notice of the stand with the free map and Park Times Guide.  Anyway, I had my copies provided by the hotel’s front desk staff so that made me the tour navigator.  We headed first for the Adventureland at the left side entrance because that’s where the Festival of the Lion King is located.  The stage show was scheduled at 12:00 noon.  Along the way, as I checked the map, it indicated that there’s one “Magical Pressed Coin Machine” inside that toy store in my left so I made a very quick scanning while waiting for the “oldies” who were a little slow in their pacing.  Had a good chance to collect two (2) right then and there for HKD20.  “Oh, it’s exciting!”  I knew I wouldn’t content myself with just a few coins.  We were about 30 minutes late so we missed the show.  The door closed 15 minutes before the appointed time.  I suggested that we go back for the next show later in the afternoon so we proceeded to the Tarzan’s Treehouse instead, aboard the log rafts.  The kids and the not-so-young enjoyed the more than 50-step climb.  From there, we queued for the Jungle River Cruise which offered more thrilling surprises like fire in the waters, “almost real” images of animals, etc.  After finishing the ride, we were met by one of the Pirates of the Caribbean and had some snapshots.  Before we left the Adventureland and head for the Main Street, U.S.A, I excused myself for about a minute to check on the pressed coin machine near the toilet area.  I was smiling deep within.  I was enjoying making the coins.  “Successful”!  I collected two (2) or three (3) more designs, couldn’t remember.  Then, it was time to get a good place to witness the parade.  We gathered around the Times Square at the Main Street to have the best view.  Amazing giant floats led by a huge Mickey Mouse statue with lots of street dancing.  Everyone was in awe capturing each character in either pictures or videos.  I was trying to save my memory card.  I should have brought one with bigger capacity.  Anyway, I think I had captured enough to refresh our memories of the whole scene later.  Next in our itinerary was the Festival of the Lion King.  We were quite early and had to wait for about 15 minutes before we were allowed entrance.  It was a very colorful, lively and sparkling show.   The next destination was at the Sleeping Beauty Castle exiting to the Fantasyland section where the kids and again the young at hearts rode the Cinderella Carousel and Dumbo – The Flying Elephant.   I also got a chance to check on the pressed coins machines in that area, however, one was not working at that time.  After the two (2) rides, we head for the nearest dining place in that section of the park, the Clopin’s Festival of Foods.  I was amazed with the kids – they can eat Hongkong foods!  The highlight of our first day was the “Disney in the Stars Fireworks” where almost everyone gathered and sat on the sidewalk and ground fronting the castle to witness the fireworks show.  It was a stunning evening spectacle.   As we returned to the hotel, before we went up to our rooms, I and my nieces checked on the pressed coin machine inside.  I let them make the coins that time…. 

The second day was equally exciting.  After we checked out, we scanned the rest of the hotel grounds, the pool, the two (2) vintage cars in the garden and toy stores then we head for the Disney Park again.  That time we knew better the shows we were going to watch.  We also didn’t miss to grab the Park Times Guides and map.  What we failed to do was to take some photos of us at the main entrance with Mickey’s landscaped face.  As we traversed the Main Street, U.S.A., we spotted the long queue for the Mickey and Minnie photo session.  That shouldn’t be missed.  While in line, we saw Pluto and Goofy at the Art of Animation side.  The queue was very short so I and my nieces decided to spare a few minutes but we were told that the photo op will be temporarily stopped and will be resumed at exactly 12:00 noon. “Oh no!  Please… It was already 11:47 a.m.!   It was so illogical for me but the park staff was firm so we opted to return to our line for Mickey.  While still in the midst of waiting, I saw Goofy sans Pluto returning to the spot (I kinda figured out the reason for the break.) so again we detached ourselves from the Mickey queue and had a photo op with Goofy.  After we finished with Mickey and Minnie, we decided to have lunch.  On our way to Clopin’s, we met Woody and Jessie, had another photo op.  We were about to finish our lunch when I spotted Alice in Wonderland at the Mad Hatter Teacups.  We really had lots of photo shoots with the Disney characters that day.  When it was “The High School Musical Show” time, right after lunch, we headed for the castle for the scheduled 1:30 p.m. show, then for the Tomorrowland where we rode the Orbitron and Autopia.  We had another photo session – with Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters in that section. Of course, I didn’t fail to check the remaining coin machines.  We also tried to bring home some souvenir items – a set of Mickey and Minnie watches for the kids and a coin album for my collections.  We didn’t have much time left, but we still got a chance to watch the Mickey’s PhilharMagic 3-D show with Mickey, Donald Duck and friends.  Where else could one get the best entertainment but in the Magical Disneyland?

Life’s Irony

2 12 2009

I wanna laugh at myself…  Everyone is dying to date and have me but because I’m really too picky, not everyone gets a chance.  Many have been matchmaking for my benefit but never worked either.  Then there came a few who caught my fancy but never even noticed my presence.  Life is indeed so ironic…  Ahhhh, life! 

Hahahaha, just want a release… of this bad feeling I’m having right now.  I don’t have much to do today… As the cliché goes – The idle mind will sometimes fall into contemplations that serve for nothing but to ruin the health, destroy good humor, hasten old age and wrinkles, and bring on a habitual melancholy. 

Don’t take this too seriously….