My short absence…

14 01 2010

Been slacking off recently in blogging.  That’s one problem with me.  One time, I could be super-duper into something and then the next time, not anymore, and when I consider going back to doing the old thing, sometimes, it is hard co’z I will need to acquire momentum… again.  I know I’m not unique in this aspect.  It happens to everyone, I’m sure.  Well, it started with having a little spare time and then unnoticingly, days passed by and then weeks and now going on the 2nd month, that even if I really had time, I had forgotten to even scribble.  Hopefully, in the following weeks, I would be able to write again.  So many things transpired, foods tasted and places explored which means so many things to write about and share.  All I can say is “Life is so beautiful!”




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