On internet scams…

21 01 2010

I should be a millionaire in the next few days or months for the following 2 emails that I got today.  The first is from a certain Mr. Muhamed Abudo, the alleged Manager of the Bills and Exchange Dept. of the Bank of Africa who discovered an abandoned USD25.0M in his department’s custody.  The account was alleged in the name of a Christian Eich, an engineer who ran carmaker BMW’s museum, who was one of the victims of the Air France Flight No. 4590 crash in July 2000.  The email stated that Abudo and I shall be entitled to 45% each while the remaining 10% shall be set aside for the expenses incurred during the processing.  The second email was a winning notification from a certain Mrs. Lorraine Dodds, the Online Coordinator for the UK National Lottery (Sweeptakes International Program) who said that  I still have an unclaimed price of Pound Sterling 1,000,000 from the online sweepstakes held on January 1, 2010.  

Scammers are always out there trying to fool some gullible individuals thru the internet.   I had received a number of similar emails before but this is the first time that I got 2 emails in a row.  

You know, guys, what to do if you receive one.  Just IGNORE it! 

And there’s another thing we should watch out for – natural disasters which are now regularly followed by internet scams, the most recent of which is on the Haiti earthquake scams.   According to BBC News…

Fraudsters have set up fictitious appeal websites or are falsely using the names of genuine charities…

Here’s a checklist for people who want their donations to reach the legitimate beneficiaries, as outlined by the Charity Commission which regulates charities in England and Wales (as may apply):  




2 responses

22 01 2010
a cup of tea and a story

I appreciate your comment. We may not be able to stop those scammers and fraudsters by ignoring them, but it’s still the best option. As to your blogging for bucks, well, I wanted to do that, too but I haven’t explored it too well yet. For now, I’m blogging co’z I enjoy writing and sharing experiences. Maybe in the very near future, I would be able to shoot two birds with one stone. Good luck to you, Mona.

21 01 2010

I truly enjoyed this post! I laughed out loud! I have gotten so many of these, they just need me to respond! Ha! We could be millionaire’s tomorrow had we responded! I just finished my blog, a little along the same lines, but I appreciate the fact that I among many newbie’s get taken. Yes we allow it to happen in hopes that we might make a few bucks on line! As you know…not happening! Thanks for sharing this! I appreciate you! God Bless! Mona

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