Awesome Coron and Busuanga!

20 02 2010

Who wouldn’t get excited with Busuanga and Coron?  If you’re a real nature-tripper or lover, these islands will surely be in your list of must-see places and once you set foot in these awesome places, you would love to go back and appreciate their beauties over and over again.  I, myself, would love to explore again these places.  One visit is not enough to complete the islands experience.   Each spot has its own beauty to offer that I wouldn’t want to miss, not even one.  I can proudly say, “The Philippines is rich indeed in natural wonders.”

Day 1:  Inland Tour and Maquinit Hot Springs

After a brief visit to the municipality hall via trike (three-wheeled motor vehicle), we proceeded to the Lambingan Bridge.  The bridge itself was not a sight to behold but the view starting from near the end – view of the vast bay and the distant mountain cliffs. 

At first, we thought Mt. Tapyas was an easy climb.  Under the still scorching sun, at past 3 p.m., almost 2 hours earlier than our schedule, we took our first step of the more than 700 steps.  We didn’t stop in the first few resting sheds co’z we still had the energy until up higher and became thirsty and drenched in sweat.  My brother went topless when past halfway up.  We planned to time our climb and count the steps but forgot all about them co’z of the stops (and rests) and sightseeing (and picture takings). 

The sight was well worth the arduous climb. Stayed for more than an hour to enjoy the panoramic view of the rolling hills, Coron Bay and the adjoining islands… and catch the sunset.  

The descent was quite easier sans the sun and along the way down, we caught a glimpse of a tiny animal running fast towards the bushes (I and my sis-in-law was quite sure that it was not a rat, mostly likely a bird).  According to the trike driver it must have been a quail co’z there are quails in the area.

A dip in the 40o Celsius Maquinit Hot Springs, said to be the only known saltwater spring in the country, was the best way to end the day, to soothe our sore legs and tired bodies.  The about 30-minute ride along the bumpy and dark road, with only the trike headlight illuminating our way, was part of the excitement.  Sitting amidst trees, Maquinit is truly an enchanting and relaxing place.  I guess there are two reasons why it is best to go from dusk to evening – the temperature may be unbearable when the sun is still up and you might be turned off with the slippery bottom due to algae (and think the water is unclean as I thought).  

Awesome Coron and Busuanga! – Days 2 and 3: Island Hopping and Banana Island Overnight




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20 02 2010
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