I am finally running!

27 03 2010

I had finally found a running buddy!  After participating in our company’s fun run in September of last year, I developed an interest to join at least one benefit run (before I leave), the Century Tuna Superbods 2010 in particular, so I started inviting and convincing a few active colleagues and friends up to the last day of registration but no one became as interested.   I even posted to my FB account my interest in benefit runs and a high school mate reacted and so emailed me about the Book Run she was joining (her first run)  on January 31.   Gosh! It was already January 27.  I told her that had I known earlier that she was joining I would have registered, too.  So I missed that. 

Come February 21, the Century Tuna Superbods Run day, I wasn’t there but two of my co-choir members participated.  They were convincing me to register until the last day.  One even got the registration form for me.  Unfortunately these are young guys in their early 20s that I was, honestly, not quite comfortable being with during my first running event.  

I learned later that my high school mate joined again when I saw her photos posted to here FB account.  My envy increased… more and more as I see more photos of her other runs.  I gave up convincing my colleagues and friends until one day… 

One friend who started to regularly hit the gym, and who previously showed no interest in benefit runs, all of a sudden mentioned running to me.  She was sort of enlightened by her gym instructor.  Then last Wednesday, she called up to mention this Earth Day Run at the Mall of Asia so I researched on it.  I called her back to tell the details so it’s the National Geographic Earth Day Run to be held on April 18, 2010 at the Mall of Asia.  So we agreed to register online the following day. 

So it’s official!  I am finally running and this morning was our warm-up training.  She felt excited as we dragged our feet and jogged along the grounds of Southmall.   But, there’s no one more excited with the world-famous National Geographic Channel being involved in this event than… I.  It’s my first real run, don’t you forget.  Wink!




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