Greenfield Sunset Run 2010

19 04 2010

About two weeks after we registered for the NatGeo Earth Day Run, I and my buddy decided to register for another run – this time at a different time schedule, at sunset, as all running events happen in the early morning where one would really sacrifice to wake up earlier. 

The Greenfield City Sunset Run 2010 will be held on April 24, Saturday at Greenfield, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  

Event categories include 500m Dash (kids), 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K.  Registration is from March 22 to April 17.  For more details or questions, please call (632) 703-1736 or visit and the official run website at


National Geographic Channel Earth Day Run 2010

27 03 2010

After the Earth Hour tonight, let’s again show that we care for our planet.  Join the National Geographic Channel Earth Day Run 2010 to be held on April 18 at the Mall of Asia grounds.

This is going to be a very memorable event for me.   With the involvement of the National Geographic Channel, it will be something.   

Online registration runs until April 4 while cash registration thru the Nike Outlet in Bonifacio High Street and Timex outlets in SM North EDSA and Mall of Asia is until April 11.

The registration fee includes a limited edition of the NatGeo Earth Day Run technical shirt.


I am finally running!

27 03 2010

I had finally found a running buddy!  After participating in our company’s fun run in September of last year, I developed an interest to join at least one benefit run (before I leave), the Century Tuna Superbods 2010 in particular, so I started inviting and convincing a few active colleagues and friends up to the last day of registration but no one became as interested.   I even posted to my FB account my interest in benefit runs and a high school mate reacted and so emailed me about the Book Run she was joining (her first run)  on January 31.   Gosh! It was already January 27.  I told her that had I known earlier that she was joining I would have registered, too.  So I missed that. 

Come February 21, the Century Tuna Superbods Run day, I wasn’t there but two of my co-choir members participated.  They were convincing me to register until the last day.  One even got the registration form for me.  Unfortunately these are young guys in their early 20s that I was, honestly, not quite comfortable being with during my first running event.  

I learned later that my high school mate joined again when I saw her photos posted to here FB account.  My envy increased… more and more as I see more photos of her other runs.  I gave up convincing my colleagues and friends until one day… 

One friend who started to regularly hit the gym, and who previously showed no interest in benefit runs, all of a sudden mentioned running to me.  She was sort of enlightened by her gym instructor.  Then last Wednesday, she called up to mention this Earth Day Run at the Mall of Asia so I researched on it.  I called her back to tell the details so it’s the National Geographic Earth Day Run to be held on April 18, 2010 at the Mall of Asia.  So we agreed to register online the following day. 

So it’s official!  I am finally running and this morning was our warm-up training.  She felt excited as we dragged our feet and jogged along the grounds of Southmall.   But, there’s no one more excited with the world-famous National Geographic Channel being involved in this event than… I.  It’s my first real run, don’t you forget.  Wink!

Fun Run and Me…

14 09 2009

Fun Run

I and a number of colleagues had planned to join the Fun Run last year but two days before the deadline, our Corporate Affairs Dept. had stopped accepting participants due to quota. 

Six (6) from our department had already submitted the registration form. So this year, looks like we would be able to participate in this annual event unless we miss the registration at 7:30 am. on that day.  This will really be fun and exciting as my friends in the other department are joining, too.  We agreed that this will only be for fun and not for competition but, of course, who doesn’t want to win even the consolation prices? I’m  really excited about it co’z this will be my first time to really run.  I told myself, “I wanna experience it, once and for all, before I leave our company.”  

Regular attendance to the company’s physical fitness programs will not suffice.  One must have a clearance from our Medical Unit to be allowed to join.  

So the 2-km Fun Run, which starts at 9:00 a.m., is part of the Bank’s celebration of the 2009 Araw ng mga Kawani (Employees’ Day) on September 18.   The route will include portions of Makati Avenue, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue and Paseo de Roxas. 

Now, let’s start stretching those muscles esp. our lower bodies to increase flexibility and reduce injuries.  I think our gym will then be crowded starting today.  Go,go,go….

Badminton and Truffles?

23 11 2008

Since I don’t frequent Mega Mall, I decided to go there two (2) hours earlier than the scheduled “Mega Sizzle” of Classique Herbs.  I wanted to check out some new stores, etc.   Obviously, that was so short a time to do that but I knew that I’ll still be able to bring home something.  True enough…

An ongoing sports-related event/exhibit sponsored by Chris Sports at the ground floor of Building A caught my attention.  Sports equipment, gadgets, etc. were on display.  I was almost at the end of the display area when I saw badminton racquets with discount tags.  You guessed it… I got myself a Prince Os White (as suggested by the sales attendant who happens to be a badminton enthusiast, too) at half the price.  I don’t know anything about racquets but I’m quite sure that I will not go wrong with Prince.  I was told that Prince creates and develops new designs every six months.  How true?

Aside from the black/gray racquet bag and stringing service, there were no other freebies.  So I paid for the string and grips.  But the defective grips made me wait for soooo long.  They didn’t have other Prince grips so the sales attendant requested me to join her to their outlet (about 5-min. walk from the exhibit area) to choose another brand.   So all their Prince grips stocks were defective.  I was so disappointed.  How can that be?  Was it because they are China-made?  I was cursing China for that.  Now, we’re not sure of the quality of these branded stuff co’z they are made in China.  I just hope that my brand new, quite expensive racquet will “live” up to my expectations.

The “Mega Sizzle” concluded later than expected so I was worried co’z my plan earlier was to get the truffles that day while still on promo.  But I needed to return to Chris Sports for my racquet.  Since I availed of the free stringing service, I was advised to return and claim it after a while.  Rushing it will affect the quality of the stringing.


After I got my racquet, I wondered if I can still make it to Glorietta.  Then I thought, since Shangrila Mall is just in the vicinity, I (with a friend) decided to drop by Truffettes de France’s outlet there.  And I was lucky enough co’z just after I got off the escalator, at my right, there stood a few steps away Truffettes.  I looked right away for that similar sign of the promo sale. Yes!  Still!  “Two 500-gm, please.”  Then, I left with all smiles…

Badminton addict in the making… watch out!!!

7 11 2008

The temperature is still high… I can feel it.  I’m referring to the “badminton fever”.  More often than not, on my way to work, I can see at least one with a racket in his gym bag.   I can imagine this guy preparing to step on his badminton shoes at the strike of 5 p.m. for the appointed 6 p.m. game.

I can assume that most of those who attended a badminton clinic 5 or 6 years ago (I remember it started around that period) have already mastered the sports, while I just started learning it.  Poor me… I guess it’s better late than never…

Yeah, I gave up my 5 p.m. yoga class last Tuesday to join my colleagues at a nearby court.   I don’t have a racket yet, but thanks to my boss who brought an extra.  I was the one who  played first and the moment I hit the shuttlecock, I got excited.  Wow!  I loved the feeling… “I want this!!!”  They really saw my enthusiasm and excitement.  I was “hyper”…

I had actually planned to be into it a few years back but then again, my work commitments didn’t allow me to, as always….

My goal now… to join the bandwagon… to master it.  I hope it’s not yet too late… Anyone interested to be my coach?  Hehehe….