Still on Bird Watching

11 02 2009

Six days after my first real bird watching experience, I spared another time to visit the nest co’z I was sure that within 3 or 4 days, the baby birds would be gone flying with the other adult birds. 

With my digicam in hand, I climbed up a wooden chair again to enable me to get a very good view.  At that moment, I tried to slow down my movements and be more silent so as not to frighten the baby birds.  I was quite worried that they would try to fly and escape from me – the intruder.   

Bird Watching

I didn’t expect to see them with more feathers – dark shiny black feathers at that time.  Surely, any time soon, they would leave the nest and join the others in the open.  After getting a few shots, I decided to leave and stay inside the house by the window to catch a glimpse of the mother bird and hopefully get a closer shot.  I was starting to feel the heat of the day, in my not-so-comfortable position as I set my camera in the window grill.  I waited… waited some more.  It was taking quite long.  (I didn’t have much time to sit and wait co’z I got to prepare for my Tagaytay trip that same morning).  The mother bird had not appeared yet.  After some time, at the top of the Indian tree across the street, the mother bird came in sight with some orange-colored thing in her bill, must be some kind of food.  Then another adult bird came to join her, also with this orange-colored thing.  So the parents were about to feed the young.  I decided to remain steady in my position and waited for them to come to the nest.  Oopps!  They were fast.  They were able to get inside the nest and leave right away while I was trying to shift to a better location.  They must have just dropped the food in the hungry mouths of the baby birds and then left.   I’ve learned that young birds need to eat every 15 to 20 minutes during daytime.  That frequent?  After a few minutes, the two returned and landed just across our window.  I was determined that time to get a few shots.  “It’s now or never…” 


… and the Bird Flew Under the Bush

17 01 2009

“Napisa na!” (Finally hatched!), said my father excitedly.  I wondered what this was all about so I asked my parents while they were still engrossed in conversation.  So a nest was found in a shrub at the side of our house.  This was not the first time.  I remember sometime ago in our old house, my mother noticed that a different bird specie (The Philippine mayas are regulars in our yard) was frequenting our frontage.  Then one time when she decided to trim some of her plants, she discovered that there was a nest in one of the shrubs near the house front door. 

Bird's Nest

Now the same bird specie built a nest in a two-layered shrub at the side of the house. So excitedly I got my point-and-shoot camera to get a few shots.  I know this is intrusion of privacy, or trespassing.  I didn’t mean to cause any harm.  I just want to be a witness to something rare and beautiful.  Isn’t it beautiful? 

As I draw nearer, the head of the mother bird sitting on the nest came in sight.  This excited me more but after a few seconds, she flew out and stayed in our roof but after a while left the area. 

I waited for her return… After 15 minutes or so, she came in sight again but not getting any closer.  She knew and felt that I was in the vicinity.  I couldn’t afford to deprive the young birds so I finally decided to leave the area after taking some photos and get in the house.  I just contented myself with watching from inside, peeking thru the window in our living room. 

And so the reunion of the mother and the young.