Celebrate Life!

18 12 2008

Last minute, I decided not to report for work.  I realized that I still have one remaining special leave credit for the year.  That’s one good thing about the company I worked with – we’re entitled to three (3) additional leave credits on top of the regular 30 days.  I was considering taking my day off next Monday for another long weekend but I’m really not used to going to work on my birthday.  So how was that?

I wanted to celebrate life.  Being single, part of my celebration on the day itself is having lunch or dinner with my parents as my siblings are far away.   One brother  is usually out of the country but occasionally his wife, with my nephews and niece, would join us depending on her availability.   My other brother, a pastor, with his family is based in Rizal while the youngest, with his wife, is based in Canada.  I’m not really into big celebrations with relatives but I do celebrate with friends on the weekend.

I was planning to bring my parents to TGIF at the Alabang Town Center (since they haven’t dined there yet) but before we left the house, I told them I wanted to dig in something Greek at the Café Mediterranean. 

Before we got in the café, I got hold of a flyer from Crustasia (one that I have not tried yet).  You guessed it right… 


Fickle minded me, I switched from Greek to Filipino-Asian.  I didn’t know until we got in and were seated that Crustasia is part of the Red Crab Group which I had tried a number of times.  Yes, Crustasia is in the exact location of the old Red Crab Restaurant at ATC but I didn’t have a hint. 

Too late to transfer and we were starving so… 

On the menu, my eyes landed first on the Live King Crabs.  Since we had tried Red Crab’s Szechuan last time, I opted for the Singaporean Chili Crab (hoping it is close to the authentic Singapore dish which I missed in my two travels)…

Singaporean Chili Crab

For our soup… the Vietnamese Sinigang, a must try (my father is very fond of sinigang). Quite different from the local sinigang for this version consists of slices of fish, shrimps and squid with bean sprouts, and pineapple chunks.  There’s a hint of lemon, I think.  


Then one of my mother’s favorites – Calamari but with Plum Sauce.  Our first choice, the Crispy Baby Squid, was not available at that time.

Calamari in Plum Sauce

Most of Red Crab’s selections are maintained in Crustasia.  Quite a range of Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese recipes are offered to render a truly Asian dining experience.

Second phase of Celebrate Life in the next post…