A date(ox) on Friday…

14 11 2008

I was planning to be on detox several Fridays ago, unfortunately, I had some social obligations to fulfill, etc., etc.  Earlier today, I said, “I must do it tonight…I should NOT postpone!”  It’s showing on my skin, it’s out of condition again.  Lately, I’ve been sleeping very, very late and violating my long-time discipline – to eat meat only once a week.  Now, I really can’t afford to postpone.  Nah….

Because, I did a little shopping (I gifted myself with a Levi’s bootcut jeans), I got home quite late, so I didn’t have enough time to do my usual one-time detox program.

Instead, I  decided to have Dr. Golob’s 7-day Carrot Salad as follows:

1 cup finely shredded carrots

 1 tablespoon cold-pressed virgin oil

           1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice       

                   Mix together and serve (may add raisin, rice, apples, etc.)

This can be taken with or as the evening meal for seven (7) straight days each month.

So today, is Day One…