Catching-Ups and Indulgence at Mr. Rockefeller

17 01 2009


“Table for two, please!”  I made a reservation this time.  As expected, gig venues are crowded on a Friday.

I and Lea were already starving so we decided to proceed to Mr. Rockefeller as soon as we got in Greenbelt.  We thought we can stroll and shop afterwards.

I had downloaded the menu earlier so I already knew in advance what to order.  Reviews about the resto also guided me to have the best offerings.  We didn’t try any oyster dish the first time we dined here mid last year so I thought I wouldn’t let this evening pass by without tasting one of its more than 20 “spanking good” oyster selections.  We initially ordered the most recommended (at least in the reviews I read) Boursin Oysters which is topped with melted French fragrant cheese, but since I haven’t tried blue cheese in my entire life (due to a previous negative shared experience of one of our professors), we opted to shift to Oysters Bleu.  We requested that it be served as part of the main course.  Instead of soup, for our starter we had Martha’s Caesar Salad which is made of oyster tempura, shrimps, red and yellow pepper, croutons, bacon-like bits (sans the smoky smell) with a different version of Caesar dressing tossed over lettuce.  The serving can satisfy 2 or 3 pax.  I can say that Rockefeller offers good portions with pretty reasonable pricing. 

Martha's Caesar Salad

As entrée, I wanted Lea to try Mrs. Rockefeller’s a la Oglio pasta which, for me, is healthy with its capers, olives, anchovies and oil.   

Mrs. Rockefeller a la Oglio


Between the bestsellers Boneless Bourbon Ribs and Alaskan Sole Fillet, we agreed to have the latter for a healthier option which is pan-fried white fish with creamy lemon pepper sauce.  The server missed to inform us that the fish comes with garlic noodles flambed in whiskey (according to a write-up) but it tasted quite oriental to me.    


Sole Fish Fillet

The two dishes were served simultaneously so we were sort of wondering with “hey! where’s the oyster?” 

Oysters Bleu

Oyster Bleu followed right away and so after having some fish and the matching noodles, I finally tried my luck with the blue cheese and cream generously topped over the oyster with a half slice of grape.  Delicioso!  We liked it.  I wondered at that moment how the other oyster dishes fare.  So blue cheese is not bad tasting at all.  Why did I not try it earlier in my life?  I realized I had missed a number of blue cheese experiences.  Haha!  Anyway, we ended so full with all the carbs.  But of course, we were not able to finish them all.

To end the night after a little strolling and shopping, we headed toward Glorietta 5 for some coffee or tea.  Before we enter the place, we inquired if there are coffee shops already opened.  The security officer told us there was none in the area yet so we proceeded to Bo’s Coffee in Glorietta 4.  We ordered Cappuccino for Lea and Caffe Mocha for me with chocolate chip and a slice of chocolate mousse cake for sharing.  

It was a great night of catching-up with a friend and of course another satisfying dining experience…. 

Till next time!


Say “Thank You” in a Sweeter Way

12 12 2008

Before the year ends, let’s show our gratitude to people who, in one way or another, have made a difference in our lives .  Here’s a unique way to say our thank you’s …


Isn’t it sweeter this way?  Yes, join Toblerone’s promo and send thank you messages to your loved ones’ email or phone for free!   Say it differently, make it memorable, and broadcast it through the digital walls in Greenbelt or Bonifacio High Street.


You can also win an iTouch or iPod Nano if you join the promotion.

Sequel to Love at First Bite with Truffettes de France

19 11 2008

I was a bit excited coz I knew I’ll pass by Truffettes’ kiosk again.  It’s becoming a regular thing – after our badminton session, we join our boss in his car and get off at Rustan’s Makati.  Since the kiosk is located just a few steps in the middle after you turn left from Rustan’s exit, you will not fail to notice it.   But earlier, I had made up my mind – I will not purchase or if I can’t really resist it, maybe just get myself a slice of cake (never ever tasted any TdF cake yet) co’z  I was thinking I only have about a month to wait for that very precious package, mmmmm…my truffles.

But there’s an ongoing promo which is sooooo tempting (for me)… Two 500-gm packs for only PhP999.  How can I resist that?  And there was the “devil’s advocate” (a male colleague) telling me to buy since I just received my bonus pay (I forgot, hahaha).  The regular price for the 500-gm pack is PhP740.  Think… think… think.  “No!  I think i will have a slice of cake, instead.  But will i go for the flourless chocolate wonder? Or the chocolate magma?”  Both have the original truffles as ingredient.  I finally settled for the magma for take home since I’ve already tried a number of flourless cakes.  I want something new.

It didn’t stop there, though.  I really can’t afford to pass up this rare chance (?).  So I gave my number and told the storekeeper to inform me when they are about to run out of stocks.  Then I could rush to this outlet and buy a kilo.   But I really don’t think I will wait for her call or text.  I want to buy soonest.  This Friday!  No sense in delaying.  In that case, I can afford to consume a pack or should I say, I gotta finish at least a pack before my free supplies arrive, otherwise our tiny fridge at home will have all chocolates in it (also have other chocolate brands and I need extra space for other stuff).

As for the magma cake, my verdict… oh well, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 as the highest, maybe 7.  I wouldn’t buy a second.  Of course, I couldn’t speak for the majority.  Still depends on your taste buds.  So be your own judge.  Find out! 

Truffettes de France Outlets:  2nd Level Glorietta 4, 2/F Main Mall – Mall of Asia, Level 2 Shangrila Plaza Mall

Love at First Bite with Truffettes de France

9 11 2008

Truffettes de France

I want Truffettes de France now!!!   That’s my status in my yahoo messenger for quite a while now.  But last week, I almost jumped with joy like a grade schooler with my eyes popping out when I saw that kiosk in Glorietta.  I wasn’t quite sure until I was already about five steps closer.  It was real, I was not dreaming.  It had been sitting there since March 2008 according to the storekeeper.  Why did I miss it?  It was a bit pricy but that didn’t stop me to get a pack.  But at least I managed to control myself (again) this time.  I just got myself a 10-pc pack (80 grams), but I assured the young lady that I will come back for more.  Bwahaha…

‘Twas in December 2003 when I had the first taste of these heavenly truffles from the county of Lille, France courtesy of Vicoy, my brother who is based in Canada.   Since then, Truffettes de France had become my favorite.


What makes these truffles so heavenly at least in my palate?  Is it the smoothness, the creaminess, the richness in flavor, the aroma, or the cocoa powder dust?  All of the above or should I say it’s “All rolled into One”…

They are super temperature-sensitive that they go with a cold ice-like pack then wrapped in an insulation bag when you purchase them.  They are to be kept in a cool, dry place.  I remember the last time my brother sent me a 1kg.-pack thru his landlord, it turned into a chocolate drink pack.  Yeah, before the truffles reached my excited hands and drooling mouth, they had melted.  I kept the pack in the fridge and to my wonder, the taste didn’t change, not a bit (for me), but I had to chop it (can’t slice as it hardened like a rock).

To enjoy these delicate truffles, the package says – place them at an ambient temperature of 19o to 20o one hour in advance and savour them in the height of their aroma and smoothness.  Well, I don’t follow that… I savour them straight out of the fridge.  It has always been like that.

I really had fallen in love with Truffettes de France.  Nothing can match the quality, at least for now… I had tried the Godiva (a very expensive Belgian brand) milk chocolate bar but not its truffles.  I told my brother that I will be contented even with the smallest pack of Godiva truffles but he told me it was around Php1,500 so he had second thoughts. He chose to purchase the milk chocolate bar, which for me tasted like the other ordinary choco bars.  As for its version of truffles, I don’t know… that remains to be tasted. Who knows?  I might switch…