Catching-Ups and Indulgence at Mr. Rockefeller

17 01 2009


“Table for two, please!”  I made a reservation this time.  As expected, gig venues are crowded on a Friday.

I and Lea were already starving so we decided to proceed to Mr. Rockefeller as soon as we got in Greenbelt.  We thought we can stroll and shop afterwards.

I had downloaded the menu earlier so I already knew in advance what to order.  Reviews about the resto also guided me to have the best offerings.  We didn’t try any oyster dish the first time we dined here mid last year so I thought I wouldn’t let this evening pass by without tasting one of its more than 20 “spanking good” oyster selections.  We initially ordered the most recommended (at least in the reviews I read) Boursin Oysters which is topped with melted French fragrant cheese, but since I haven’t tried blue cheese in my entire life (due to a previous negative shared experience of one of our professors), we opted to shift to Oysters Bleu.  We requested that it be served as part of the main course.  Instead of soup, for our starter we had Martha’s Caesar Salad which is made of oyster tempura, shrimps, red and yellow pepper, croutons, bacon-like bits (sans the smoky smell) with a different version of Caesar dressing tossed over lettuce.  The serving can satisfy 2 or 3 pax.  I can say that Rockefeller offers good portions with pretty reasonable pricing. 

Martha's Caesar Salad

As entrée, I wanted Lea to try Mrs. Rockefeller’s a la Oglio pasta which, for me, is healthy with its capers, olives, anchovies and oil.   

Mrs. Rockefeller a la Oglio


Between the bestsellers Boneless Bourbon Ribs and Alaskan Sole Fillet, we agreed to have the latter for a healthier option which is pan-fried white fish with creamy lemon pepper sauce.  The server missed to inform us that the fish comes with garlic noodles flambed in whiskey (according to a write-up) but it tasted quite oriental to me.    


Sole Fish Fillet

The two dishes were served simultaneously so we were sort of wondering with “hey! where’s the oyster?” 

Oysters Bleu

Oyster Bleu followed right away and so after having some fish and the matching noodles, I finally tried my luck with the blue cheese and cream generously topped over the oyster with a half slice of grape.  Delicioso!  We liked it.  I wondered at that moment how the other oyster dishes fare.  So blue cheese is not bad tasting at all.  Why did I not try it earlier in my life?  I realized I had missed a number of blue cheese experiences.  Haha!  Anyway, we ended so full with all the carbs.  But of course, we were not able to finish them all.

To end the night after a little strolling and shopping, we headed toward Glorietta 5 for some coffee or tea.  Before we enter the place, we inquired if there are coffee shops already opened.  The security officer told us there was none in the area yet so we proceeded to Bo’s Coffee in Glorietta 4.  We ordered Cappuccino for Lea and Caffe Mocha for me with chocolate chip and a slice of chocolate mousse cake for sharing.  

It was a great night of catching-up with a friend and of course another satisfying dining experience…. 

Till next time!


I Love Jamaican

6 12 2008


No! It’s not about preferences in a man but rather in a pastry.   What’s in this pastry which is quite similar to the local empanada?  I don’t know the secret ingredient but whatever it is, the taste is just perfect for me, with the flaky shell, appetizing and savory filling. 

Whenever I go to Greenbelt, Makati either to shop or dine, I sort of ignored the existence of the “de Original Jamaican Pattie Shop” – with a large framed poster of a young and sexy Jamaican woman –  until my introduction around 7 years ago.   I remember, my former colleagues and I ordered two Beef Pinatubo (the spiciest and hottest variant of all) each.   I “wowed” as my first bite landed on my taste buds.   Yummy!!!   From then on,  when I’m in the area, I would drop by to take away either the Beef Pinatubo (Original, if the Pinatubo is not yet available) or the Spicy Chicken (good enough as I stay away from beef in the past years – health wise).  Other variants are Beef Express, Beef Tomato, Beefy Mushroom, Beef Curry, Country Style Chicken, Chicken Stew, Chicken Curry and Tuna Pattie.

I’m quite sure everyone will love it.   A friend just did…