I Love Jamaican

6 12 2008


No! It’s not about preferences in a man but rather in a pastry.   What’s in this pastry which is quite similar to the local empanada?  I don’t know the secret ingredient but whatever it is, the taste is just perfect for me, with the flaky shell, appetizing and savory filling. 

Whenever I go to Greenbelt, Makati either to shop or dine, I sort of ignored the existence of the “de Original Jamaican Pattie Shop” – with a large framed poster of a young and sexy Jamaican woman –  until my introduction around 7 years ago.   I remember, my former colleagues and I ordered two Beef Pinatubo (the spiciest and hottest variant of all) each.   I “wowed” as my first bite landed on my taste buds.   Yummy!!!   From then on,  when I’m in the area, I would drop by to take away either the Beef Pinatubo (Original, if the Pinatubo is not yet available) or the Spicy Chicken (good enough as I stay away from beef in the past years – health wise).  Other variants are Beef Express, Beef Tomato, Beefy Mushroom, Beef Curry, Country Style Chicken, Chicken Stew, Chicken Curry and Tuna Pattie.

I’m quite sure everyone will love it.   A friend just did…