Lindor: Another chocolate must-try

22 04 2009

Went to Landmark Makati a few weeks ago to purchase some parsley, celery and strawberries for my smoothies for I find the fruits and veggies in this supermarket a lot fresher than in SM and even Rustans.  I was on my way to line up at the counter when I passed by this condola rack containing chocolates of the Swiss chocolate maker, Lindt.  I already got myself the Excellence Orange Intense which is a dark chocolate variant with orange pieces but after checking out the rest of the shelf, I saw the Lindor truffles.  It was my first time to see Lindor in the supermarket so instead of getting the Excellence bar, I chose the pack of Lindor.  My first palate experience of Lindor happened at the same time I had Truffettes de France – during my brother’s first return to Manila in 2003.  

Lindor Truffles (200 grams)

The 200-gram pack contained 4 truffle flavors – dark, milk, white chocolate and hazelnut.   These chocolate balls are prepared with an outer shell and super melting fillings in either silky dark chocolate, smooth milk or white chocolates, or a delicious combination of milk chocolate and hazelnuts.  I really enjoy the smooth texture as it slowly melts in your mouth.  Ahhh, tastes so heavenly!

Lindor comes in 16 different flavors.  I haven’t yet tried dark orange, stracciatella, peanut butter, extra dark, raspberry,  dark choco peppermint and the limited edition milk with white.


Dec. 31- Last Day of Truffettes de France Promo

30 12 2008

I got a text this morning from Truffettes de France Glorietta 4 outlet informing me that the last day of its “Buy 2 500-gm packs for Php999” will be tomorrow, Dec. 31.

I texted back to say that this info should have been relayed to customers a little earlier.  I really want to purchase 2 more boxes coz my friend from Canada is not coming to Manila until next year so that means no truffles from my brother. 😦  But, I had to do some errands and had an appointment for a facial treatment.   I can’t afford to go to Makati at this time.  Besides, the traffic situation is worse.

I don’t know how long my remaning 1 1/3 boxes will last co’z I have other brands to indulge in in-between like Ritter Sport Dark Whole Hazelnuts, Hershey’s & More Creme Filling and Toblerone’s Dark Minis.  Yesterday, I got myself a Ferrero, Snickers Dark and a box of Marks and Spencer Cherry Liqueurs – dark chocolate with a whole cherry and brandy center.  Well, those who know that I love dark chocolates also know that I love chocolates with liquor.  No! I don’t drink… I just love the taste of liquor in my chocolate or cake, the bitter, the better. 

And this afternoon, I was looking at some variants of Lindt chocolates.  I wonder if the Lindor Truffles are locally available coz I also love Lindor.  I was thinking – after I had a taste of Royce’, I’ll purchase Lindt’s 70% Excellence Thins then.  Meantime, I got Meiji’s Chocolate Macadamia today as an addition.