Further Reductions at Mango

3 08 2009

Mango logo


As always, Friday has been a time for gimmicks which include shopping (or window shopping), or watching a movie, or going to the spa and dinner, as I’m not a party-goer or bar hopper.  It’s not really a regular schedule but what I’m saying is, whenever I and my friends plan to go out, it’s on a Friday so we can stay out late. 

So last Friday, after our seminar, I and a colleague decided to stroll around Greenbelt 5.  As expected, I didn’t go home without at least one shopping bag in hand.  I wasn’t able to resist getting myself another pair of jeans at Mango.  I was not really expecting to spot a “good” item as I already had two some weeks ago.  At Php995, the classic jeans was a “good buy”.   So the shop is offering further reductions.  Up to when?  I didn’t ask.  My friend also got a pair jeans and a nice blouse for a just little over Php2K.

So go, check out girls!


Shopaholics at MNG

23 06 2009

I didn’t go straight home last Friday as earlier planned.  Last minute, I was invited to have dinner by a friend.  Since I so wanted to eat pizza that day, I said “yes” but I insisted that we just have dinner, pizza at that, no extra strolling. 

We were considering Domino’s Pizza in Makati Avenue but since we were not sure about the parking area, my friend suggested that we go to Rockwell instead.  I was quite happy co’z I know I’ll be able to drop by Royce’.

Since we were not hungry yet, we checked out some stores first.  My friend spotted Mango with the signage “Sale up to 50%” and she suggested that we get inside hoping to get some good items.  I told her that the last time I checked out Mango during sale, I wasn’t successful co’z the sale had long been running.  As we got in, you can see the excited ladies rummaging through the shelves and racks.  Seemed like the sale has just started and I was right.  There were still a lot of nice items co’z the sale just started a day before.  So went the impulse buyer in me, again…

I just wanted a nice top but I was able to get a nice-fitting jeans, too, for a discounted price of 50%.  I almost got 2 blouses but I thought it was so impractical as I already got myself a black one last weekend aside from the 3 or 4 I took home during the first week sale at Festival Mall last month.  As for my friend, she got herself a cute blazer/jacket and a pair of jeans, too.  She also wanted another top but she had previous purchases from Memo a few weeks ago.  So for lesser guilt….

For the girls and other ladies out there, you can still catch the sale as there’s no definite end date yet.