Live Food Lecture by Cheloy Ignacio

22 02 2010

Ms. Cheloy Ignacio, the renowned raw foodist, is now back from the US.  I got her email yesterday informing that she will be holding a food lecture this weekend.   I was not sure if this is the Living on Live Food Lecture explained in her site (Rawfood Philippines) so I called her up.  So it is the Live Food Lecture, which according to her lasts for 6 hours but may extend depending on the queries.  I told her that I’m trying to invite some friends.  I hope I could convince one. 

The package, which costs Php10,000, is a combination of lectures and actual recipe preparations so a participant is required to come on empty stomach.  

For details and reservations, contact 687-1121.


Short Course on Basic Raw Food Preparation

29 06 2009

Ms. Cheloy Ignacio of Raw Food Philippines never ceased to share the good benefits of raw food diet.  I got this email from Cheloy last Saturday with the information that while in the US, she will also conduct classes on raw food diet as what she regularly does here in Manila.  She’s offering a two-hour class on Basic Rawfood Preparation in Las Vegas, California for US$125.  As usual, every attendee should come on an empty stomach.  Inclusive of the session are twelve (12) delicious, mouth-watering and easy-to-follow recipes to learn and also to enjoy i.e. almond milk, green smoothie, mock salmon pate’, asian  salad with special dressing, vegetables sushi rolls, cheddar cheese dip, stuffed portabella mushroom, fettuccine alfredo, angel hair pasta with marinara sauce, broccoli salad, tomato soup and walnut raisin cookies.

DATE: JULY 16, 23, AND 30, 2009

TIME: 5:30-7:30 P.M. 


            RM 201-10,  ( 2ND LEVEL PARKING)

            5115 W. SPRING MOUNTAIN ROAD

            LAS VEGAS , NEVADA 89146 

CONTACTS: 702-696-8816 Las Vegas


Also, watch out for upcoming sessions to be held in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, California.

Raw Food for Aspiring Weight Losers?

23 04 2009

When we talk about raw food, we don’t just refer to fresh fruit plates and vegetable salads.  Aside from uncooked produce, sprouts, nuts and seeds are usually added to complete any raw food recipe. 

When I prepared my first green smoothie, I knew right then and there that the taste will be unimaginable.  It had a strong peculiar taste arising from the combined celery and parsley.  I’ve prepared several blends from the various recipes I’ve gathered from the net and also invented fusions based on the basic guides and rules in raw food combination, some of which I’ve enjoyed the tastes and some, not so much. After about 3 weeks of having a glass of smoothie on weekdays and two glasses on weekends, I notice a big improvement in my tummy area, which I liked but not in other parts of my body (hahaha).  So I thought, it’s not really advisable for me to skip my regular meals twice a day (even on weekends only) co’z I already have a slim figure.  I consulted Cheloy Ignacio (who is still in the US) thru her site on my concerns and she sent me this email on March 25:  


Just take (care) the smoothie either am or pm.  Im still in the states and probably be home by end of this year.

Have a rawsome day! 


Just a piece of advice for those aspiring to lose some weight the healthier way and  without that haggard look, check out Cheloy Ignacio’s Rawfood Philippines

Cherie Lou Ignacio (formerly Muhlach) is a certified raw food chef who took a course under the famous healthy lifestyle expert, Alissa Cohen in Massachusetts.

My First Smoothie for the Week

22 04 2009

Green Smoothie 

I had not touched the spinach that my mother purchased for me last weekend.  I was quite not in the mood.  I remember I concocted a smoothie only once last week and never during the long holidays despite the abundance of fruits and greens in our fridge. 

But earlier before I had my dinner, I decided to make one with grapes, kiwi, spinach and ground flaxseeds.   As always, it makes me feel healthier to have a glass of any smoothie recipe because it reduces my intake of cooked food especially carbohydrates.   There’s only one thing that I don’t appreciate in smoothies though – I’m losing weight fast.

Raw Food Diet – A Great Discovery

14 03 2009

Raw Food

My first encounter with the raw food diet (not the regular vegetable/fresh fruit salad co’z I’ve been into it in a long time) was at The Farm’s Alive resto (a.k.a 85/15 Gourmet Cuisine) in 2004.  I never thought that I would give it a try myself right there in our own kitchen until 3 weeks ago. My memory was refreshed of my first experience with raw food when last December, I stumbled upon an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  It featured culinary artist Cherie Lou Ignacio, former owner of the Quickmelt Ensaymada business, who was a “walking drugstore for most of her life” and who is probably 50 years old as of this writing “but looks 20 years younger, having lost more than 20 pounds”.  Who doesn’t want that?   

Not that I want to lose more pounds (co’z I’m already slim) that I finally started with raw food, it’s more of trying to achieve a healthier glow at my age.  During my countless researches, I’ve learned that the benefits include increased energy, improved skin appearance, better digestion, better concentration, weight loss and reduced risk of heart disease.  Raw and living foods are believed to be rich in essential enzymes co’z the cooking process is said to destroy food enzymes.  I’m sure at one point in time, you got an email or maybe you read an article about the benefits of eating fruits before your meals co’z the enzymes are already absorbed by the body before they putrefied.  That is based on the concept that enzymes are essential in the digestion process thus, must be absorbed first before our meals.  

So, my first raw food was a smoothie made from grapes, celery, parsley and flaxseed oil.  The taste was quite odd but you see, because I know the benefits of taking it, I thought I should learn to like it and would really like it in the long run.  Remember… we didn’t like some of our “first times”, am I right?